Sister Sin Unleash Video for ‘End of the Line’

Victory Records Swedish metal outfit Sister Sin have unleashed a gritty new video for the new single, ‘End of the Line,’ off of their upcoming album ‘Now and Forever.’ In our exclusive interview with frontwoman Liv Jagrell, she told us all about the new track, saying, “It’s a really good first single, I think, because the whole album is in that style. It shows a different side of Sister Sin because we actually have some keyboards in this song and on some of the other songs, too, and we worked both on the dynamics and on the melodies in a [different] way than the previous album.” Jagrell adds, “On this album and on that song we thought a little bit out of the box and experimented and tried to go out of what our comfort zone is. I think it turned out really good, I’m happy with the album and that song.” The hard hitting video was filmed at an old nuclear reactor testing facility in Stockholm, Sweden, and it intertwines scenes of the band rocking out with narrative shots of Jagrell being held in an institutional room. The personal trainer by day and hard-rocking vocalist by night also shows off some of her strength as she gets sweaty, effortlessly doing some sit-ups and pull-ups in the clip. As far as the lyrics of the Sister Sin tune goes, the songstress states, “It’s about the kinds of scams, political and religious scams and people everywhere trying to tell us the world is going to end but we really just want to try to live today and not to live for tomorrow or for things that might happen. It’s satirical a little bit towards all of those people trying to say what we should do and not do.” Sister Sin’s new album ‘Now and Forever’ arrives on Oct. 22, and can be pre-ordered here in various packages. Check out the video for ‘End of the Line’ below: Watch Sister Sin’s Video for ‘End of the Line’

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Sister Sin Unleash Video for ‘End of the Line’

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