Slash Doesn’t Believe Randy Blythe Is ‘in Any Way, Shape or Form’ Guilty of Manslaughter

Jo Hale, Getty Images / Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Slash has been making his way around the world in support of his ‘ Apocalyptic Love ‘ album, and during a recent visit to the Czech Republic he shared his thoughts on the Randy Blythe manslaughter trial and his perception of the legal system from the outside. The guitar great told the Czech Republic’s Be in TV, “I know as much as I’ve been told from everybody I know in that camp. It’s a strange unique situation. I think that when he first came over here and put up his bail and they never let him out and they kept paying and they kept paying and paying and paying and they never let him out, I said, ‘What the f— is going on there.’ I mean, that’s a whole different type of law to me, where it’s just different. And so finally they let him out and now it’s actually going to trial.” The guitarist added, “I really don’t think he, in any way, shape or form, is guilty. So they’re gonna let this thing run its course I suppose. And because the judicial system here is so different that he was able to stay in jail here so long, who knows what the verdict is gonna end up being?! It’s hard to say.” The Lamb of God frontman recently returned home after some of the witnesses in the case failed to appear, leading to a delay . Slash concludes, “It’s a very long and, unfortunately, it’s a very expensive process. It’s like f—, really?!” During his interview, Slash also addressed his progress toward a follow-up to the ‘Apocalyptic Love’ album and his work on the Slasher Films horror flick ‘Nothing Left to Fear.’ Take a listen to Be in TV’s entire interview with Slash, including the comments on Blythe (at 5:02 into the clip), below. Listen to Slash’s Interview With Be in TV [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Slash’s ‘Anastasia’ Video” align=”center”]

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Slash Doesn’t Believe Randy Blythe Is ‘in Any Way, Shape or Form’ Guilty of Manslaughter

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