Slash to Release Limited-Edition Deluxe Four-Disc Box Set

Eagle Rock Slash fans in the U.K. and Europe are in for a special treat this winter when a limited run of a new deluxe packaged Slash CD/DVD box sets will hit the market on Dec. 3. The special set includes the ‘Made In Stoke 24/07/11’ DVD where Slash rocks out some of his best solo tunes combined with songs from the Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver catalog in addition to a single CD edit of the concert. The set also includes Slash’s latest studio release ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ and his previously unreleased DVD, ‘Live From New York.’ The four-disc set will come packaged with a 60-page hardcover book sporting many previously unreleased photos of the top-hatted one. Fans in the U.S. hoping to score a copy of the box set will have a small window of opportunity as well. SlashOnline will have a handful of imports but supplies will be limited. Slash is currently winding down his North American touring, with a show in Springfield, Mo. tonight, and performances in Oakland and Los Angeles Tuesday and Wednesday before jetting off to Europe and South America for a majority of the remainder of the year. [button href=”” title=”Next: Slash Reveals Animated ‘Bad Rain’ Video” align=”center”] View the full track listing for all four discs below: Disc One: ‘Made in Stoke 24/07/11’ DVD 1. ‘Been There Lately’ 2. ‘Nightrain’ 3. ‘Ghost’ 4. ‘Mean Bone’ 5. ‘Back From Cali’ 6. ‘Rocket Queen’ 7. ‘Civil War’ 8. ‘Nothing to Say’ 9. ‘Starlight’ 10. ‘Promise’ 11. ‘Doctor Alibi’ 12. Speed Parade 13. ‘Watch This’ 14. ‘Beggars & Hangers On’ 15. ‘Patience’ 16. ‘Godfather Solo’ 17. ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ 18. ‘Slither’ 19. ‘By the Sword’ 20. ‘Mr. Brownstone’ 21. ‘Paradise City’ Bonus Features: Interviews with Slash, Myles Kennedy and Uncle Ian Disc Two: ‘Made in Stoke 24/07/11′ CD 1. ‘Been There Lately’ 2. ‘Ghost’ 3. ‘Mean Bone’ 4. ‘Back From Cali’ 5. ‘Starlight’ 6. ‘Promise’ 7. ‘Doctor Alibi’ 8. ‘Speed Parade’ 9. ‘Watch This’ 10. ‘Patience’ 11. ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ 12. ‘Slither’ 13.’By the Sword’ 14. ‘Paradise City’ Disc Three: ‘Apocalyptic Love’ CD 1. ‘Apocalyptic Love’ 2. ‘One Last Thrill’ 3. ‘Standing in the Sun’ 4. ‘You’re a Lie’ 5. ‘No More Heroes’ 6. ‘Halo’ 7. ‘We Will Roam’ 8. ‘Anastasia’ 9. ‘Not for Me’ 10. ‘Bad Rain’ 11. ‘Hard & Fast’ 12. ‘Far and Away’ 13. ‘Shots Fired’ Disc Four: ‘Live From New York’ DVD 1. ‘Mean Bone’ 2. ‘Dirty Little Thing’ 3. ‘Nightrain’ 4. ‘One Last Thrill’ 5. ‘Back From Cali’ 6. ‘Ghost’ 7. ‘Standing in the Sun’ 8. ‘Rocket Queen’ 9. ‘Doctor Alibi’ 10. ‘Speed Parade’ 11. ‘Apocalyptic Love’ 12. ‘Watch This’ 13. ‘Starlight’ 14. ‘Just Like Anything’ 15. ‘Halo’ 16.’ You’re a Lie’ 17. ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ 18. ‘Slither’ 19. ‘By the Sword’ 20. ‘Paradise City’

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Slash to Release Limited-Edition Deluxe Four-Disc Box Set

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