Soundgarden Unleash New ‘King Animal’ Track ‘Non-State Actor’ Soundgarden are gearing up for the release of their comeback album ‘King Animal’ on Nov. 13. The band recently shared the first single ‘Been Away Too Long,’ and is now following it up with the debut of  another new tune, ‘Non-State Actor.’ Sonically harkening back to the Soundgarden sound of old without getting too caught up in nostalgia, ‘Non-State Actor’ chimes in like an old friend that’s been away for, say, oh, 16 years. Soundgarden fans will feel right at home with ‘Non-State Actor,’ while the song invites in new listeners as well to find out what the band is all about. However, as frontman Chris Cornell pointed out in a recent interview with Yahoo Music , you can’t judge the tone of the album by just two songs. “There’s always a broad spectrum of what’s going on musically on any Soundgarden album,” Cornell explained. “They usually tend to be long, there’s a lot of different feels, you’re never going to get the feel of the album from listening to one or two or even three songs.” He also talked about the band’s constant evolution. “I feel like we’re all very conscious about what we feel is the musical identity of the band,” said Cornell. “That’s always been very important to us but we also have all felt pretty comfortable with each other and pushing the boundaries of what we all think that is too.” Listen to ‘Non-State’ Actor below for a taste of what the band has in store with ‘King Animal.’ Watch the Video For the New Soundgarden Song ‘Non-State Actor’ [button href=”” title=” Soundgarden’s ‘King Animal’ Best Buy Edition Bolstered With Bonus Tracks” align=”center”]

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Soundgarden Unleash New ‘King Animal’ Track ‘Non-State Actor’

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