Suicide Silence Singer’s Wife Reveals He Drank Alcohol Before Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Mary Ouellette, The death of Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker is a tragic one, but was there a contributing factor to his motorcycle crash? Lucker’s wife, Jolie Carmadella, says it’s probable the singer drank alcohol before getting on his motorcycle. Carmadella spoke about Lucker’s troubles with alcohol at last night’s candlelight vigil (watch below). She explained to those in attendance, “He was an alcoholic, and it’s been a big battle. I tried to stop him. I was in front of him begging him not to leave the house. Begging him, ‘Just seriously, for us, don’t leave,’ and he did. And this is what happened.” She added, “It’s a wake-up call. He was an amazing man. He was a wonderful father and a great husband, and now he’s gonna miss out on watching [our daughter] Kenadee grow, because he decided to drink and ride. Just don’t. Just think before you guys do something stupid. Please learn from this. Please.” Lucker had reportedly been riding his new 2013 black Harley Davidson south in Huntington Beach, Calif., when he struck a light pole. After the initial impact, the motorcycle continued to skid into an oncoming pickup truck. The singer’s bandmates issued a statement Thursday (Nov. 1), stating, “There’s no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts. R.I.P. Mitchell Adam Lucker. We love you, brother.” Watch Footage of Jolie Carmadella + Others Speaking About Mitch Lucker [button href=”” title=”Next: Best Suicide Silence Songs” align=”center”]

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Suicide Silence Singer’s Wife Reveals He Drank Alcohol Before Fatal Motorcycle Crash

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