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Vince Neil Joins Motley Crue Tribute Band Onstage After Toronto Show

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil provided a memory for a tribute band that they’ll likely never forget. The vocalist headed out after the band’s performance Thursday night (Sept. 13) to catch a show from Crued, a Motley Crue tribute band, and ended up joining them onstage. The band had been chosen for Neil’s official after-party following the Kiss-Crue date at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre, and the singer hobbled (he broke his

Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan Explains How Band Member Numbers Came to Be

While each of the Slipknot band members having a number assigned to them is just part of the fun of following the group, percussionist Shawn Crahan reveals that there was no master plan on how they would lineup and after deciding to adopt the idea, everything fell into place. Crahan tells Cincinnati’s City Beat, “Back when we started we were going to wear a mask and I started wearing coveralls

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