There May Be Hope For The New Korn Album After All!

Following the absolutely horrid amalgam of pop, buttrock, and dubstep that was ‘ Never Never ,’ things didn’t look good for Korn ‘s new album Paradigm Shift . My hopes were high due to returning guitarist Brian Head Welch, but the single didn’t follow through, and in fact, featured little to no guitar. Disappointing. Their new single ‘Love & Meth’ however, sounds like it will be a return to the Untouchables -era Korn sound. It might be too soon to get hopes to high, but it’s good to know that there will be some good material on Paradigm Shift.

A sample of ‘Love & Meth’ can be heard over at Loudwire , wherein Head says that the feedback from initial press streams have painted the album as “the best album since Issues or Untouchables .” Somehow I doubt it, considering how neither of those albums have a song as bad as ‘Never Never,’ but who knows, maybe that’s just one song. Elsewhere, Korn have also posted a brief behind-the-scenes clip from the ‘Love & Meth ‘ video below: Paradigm Shift will be out October 8th on Prospect Park. – JR


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