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Corey Taylor Reveals Lyrical Themes for Next SLIPKNOT Album

Slipknot is in the midst of recording their new album, with the anticipated release sometime this summer. With that, it’s pretty surprising that Taylor is making himself available for interviews. Last week, he spoke about how he prefers working with producer Greg Fidelman over a big name like Rick Rubin, and this week, he spoke with Music Week about the lyrical […]

New Lamb of God – Overlord

New Lamb of God – Still Echoes

Stream the New Cretin Album Right Now!

Grincer connaisseurs  Cretin  recently popped their heads up when they were on the Decibel Magazine Tour last year, but other than that, they’ve been relatively quiet for quite some time. Eight years, to be exact, because that’s when they released their debut album,  Freakery . These guys have been long overdue for a new album, and now we finally get our wish: Cretin’s sophomore album,  Stranger , will be released next week, and the band is streaming it in full! Check out more info after the jump. Our pals over at No Clean Singing have the premiere, and it would behoove you to listen to it right this instant. If you’ve never heard Cretin but consider yourself a fan of grindcore and death metal, than man, have you been missing out. Cretin play a savage hybrid of death and grind a la  Repulsion  and  Napalm Death,  and they are fantastic. I consider  Freakery  to be a modern classic of the genre, and  Stranger  is a more than worthy continuation. It’s filled to the brim with blast beats, indecipherable vocals and razor-sharp grooves; what more could you ask of a grind record? Strangers  will be released next week on Dec. 9. It could very well be a late contender for year-end lists, so listen to it, get that list finalized and then share it with us here ! -AL

Architects Streaming New Album, Lost Forever // Lost Together

Architects just can’t seem to shake the legacy of Hollow Crown , but they’re getting there. Their new album Lost Forever // Lost Together showed promise from the get-go, and I’m always ready to give the metalcore tech-dabblers the time of day. I haven’t been able to listen to the entire record yet, but based on what I’ve heard so far and from others is that this is exactly what we were hoping. We’ve got a review coming for next week, but don’t wait around; listen to Lost Forever // Lost Together below. The album hits stores March 11th through Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are available at this location. – JR

There May Be Hope For The New Korn Album After All!

Following the absolutely horrid amalgam of pop, buttrock, and dubstep that was ‘ Never Never ,’ things didn’t look good for Korn ‘s new album Paradigm Shift . My hopes were high due to returning guitarist Brian Head Welch, but the single didn’t follow through, and in fact, featured little to no guitar. Disappointing. Their new single ‘Love & Meth’ however, sounds like it will be a return to the Untouchables -era Korn sound. It might be too soon to get hopes to high, but it’s good to know that there will be some good material on Paradigm Shift. A sample of ‘Love & Meth’ can be heard over at Loudwire , wherein Head says that the feedback from initial press streams have painted the album as “the best album since Issues or Untouchables .” Somehow I doubt it, considering how neither of those albums have a song as bad as ‘Never Never,’ but who knows, maybe that’s just one song. Elsewhere, Korn have also posted a brief behind-the-scenes clip from the ‘Love & Meth ‘ video below: Paradigm Shift will be out October 8th on Prospect Park. – JR

Dan Hawkins of The Darkness Dishes on Owning a Custom Guitar Crafted for Jimmy Page

The Darkness recently returned with their new disc ‘Hot Cakes’ on Aug. 21, ending a six year drought of new music from the Brit rockers. In a new interview, guitarist Dan Hawkins talks about playing in a band with his brother Justin and owning a custom Les Paul that was made for the legendary Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame. Dan Hawkins is definitely the more demure of the two