Tom Morello Says ‘No Plans’ for Rage Against the Machine Beyond Reissue of Debut Album

Kevin Winter, Getty Images With the 20th anniversary edition of their self-titled debut set to be released Nov. 27, Rage Against the Machine fans are wondering if the band plans on recording a new album. Hopes were raised when bassist Tim Commerford said “maybe” when asked if the band was up to anything new, and then followed that up with the more emphatic ‘ definitely maybe ” a little while later. But now, guitarist  Tom Morello in a new interview tells  Billboard they have “no plans beyond” the release of ‘Rage Against the Machine: XX.’ “We’re really psyched to be putting this out for the fans,” Morello says of the deluxe reissue. “We are blessed with having perhaps the most passionate fans to ever listen to a bootlegged recording or mosh at a show, so I want to really give them a mother lode of Rage Against The Machine history, past and present.” RATM hasn’t released a studio album since 2000′s ‘Renegades,’ but reunited at Coachella in 2007 and have played sporadic live shows since then. Their last performance was in July of 2011 at the L.A. Rising Festival. In looking back at their debut album, Morello says it feels good that it’s as relevant as ever. “It doesn’t feel like 20 years, but at the same time it’s sobering that it is. There’s no crystal ball that we could’ve looked into when we were writing these songs in 1991 that would have told us we’d be talking about this record over two decades later.” Morello adds, ”And I will say that 20 years later we’re able to take pride in the fact that in the history of rock music there has never been a more popular band with as radical politics as Rage Against The Machine, nor has there been a band with more radical politics than Rage Against The Machine that has been as popular. That is the lasting testament to the first shot fired by this album and how it continues to resonate with rebels around the world.” ‘Rage Against the Machine – XX’ can be pre-ordered here . Click below to see the full track listing. [button href=”” title=”‘Rage Against the Machine – XX’ Track List” align=”center”] ?

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Tom Morello Says ‘No Plans’ for Rage Against the Machine Beyond Reissue of Debut Album

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