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Singled Out (9/26 – 10/2): New Music From The Faceless, Megadeth, Coheed and Cambria, and More!

Singled Out is our weekly column to round-up the singles and new tracks from the past week dropped by bands we cover. Consider this our weekly mix to help keep you all on top of the latest releases from across the metallic and progressive spectrums. Read past entries here , and go on ahead below to get Singled Out! Coheed and Cambria – “Eraser” Coheed’s use of a chunky, hyper-distorted guitar tone and their trademark enthusiasm are in full swing here. The “Gravity’s Union”-esque tone in the intro quickly gives way to Claudio Sanchez’s trademarked high-pitched croon and a chorus that shows off the band at their jangliest and most poppy. Despite the defiantly malign undertone, the upbeat drive of this track is incredibly hard to resist; it’s hard to resist a smile when listening to “Eraser”. The whole song reeks of the band’s typical sickly-sweet vibe, the tangy tones of modern alternative rock splashed with the emotive and lush sound of Mars Volta-style prog. It’s a potent combination, and it’s served the band well in the past. We’ll see how it serves them on The Color Before The Sun come October 16th, but seeing as this is Coheed, I can guarantee it’ll be somewhere between amazing and fucking godly. -Simon Handmaker Driftoff – “Dying Light” We’ve often been highly skeptical of supergroups on this blog. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear a collaboration between giants of a certain sub-genre sound so damn cohesive and self-aware. Driftoff combines talent from Junius , Rosetta and City of Ships , all names that are downright seminal in their own fields. The first taste of this heady brew is “Dying Light” and it’s a perfect introduction into the post-punk/hardcore that is Driftoff’s measure. Let us skip over the obviously delicious guitars and drums and focus on the vocals. Put briefly, they are outstanding. Merging the two different styles that are most often heard in this sort of music, they draw on both harsher, raspier sounds that hark to mother-band Rosetta while the more emotional vocals are firmly grounded in the history of the scene. Long story short, this is both new and traditional, fresh and yet wholly recognizable. Get excited for this release. -Eden Kupermintz The Faceless – “The Spiraling Void” After a period of silence and line-up shuffles, out of nowhere, The Faceless are back! As one of the more visible and accessible bands in technical death metal, them putting out new music is always worth watching. This time, they’re back with The Spiraling Void , and it’s such a warm, welcoming feeling to hear the trademark Michael Keene riffing again. Going back to elements of their older sounds and retooling them to create this new tune, the band sound reinvigorated. They’ve brought back the slight Cynic influence from Akeldama , and the more progressive leaning sound from Autotheism ; and the end result is something instantly recognizable as The Faceless. Original singer Derek Rydquist is back, and Justin McKinney of The Zenith Passage is now also on guitar duties. It makes a lot of sense to have Justin on board, as his band is also influenced in turn by The Faceless. Michael Keene’s vocoder cleans from Akeldama are back, the extended solo sections over arpeggios from Autotheism are back, and Planetary Duality ‘s riff style is all over. Basically, The Faceless are back in full force. While they haven’t officially announced a new album, they’re touring with new material so this can only mean one thing. We’ll get our faces shredded off. -Noyan Tokgozoglu Megadeth – “Fatal Illusion” When the years go by and the dust settles, there will be many questions asked about our times: why were there so many wars? Why did it take them so long to go to space? Space is freaking awesome! One of these questions will undoubtedly be: why did Megadeth make more than two or three albums? They clearly ran out of ideas years before they finally took a bow. Don’t believe me that this will be the case? All you need to be convinced is to listen to “Fatal Illusion”, given that the track name itself hasn’t put you to sleep already. If the soporific name wasn’t enough, one listen to the track should be. It has zero new ideas: the guitars are all where you expect them, the pointless shredding follows and above it all is crowned the voice of the man, the ego, the washed out, Dave Mustaine. That is, if you can find it below all the effects and layers they’ve put on it to hide the fact that the man just can’t sing any more. To be sure, he surrounds himself with talented musicians, he always has, but as always he completely under utilizes them. Whatever shine this man’s name once had has disappeared, the glamor is gone and all that’s left is a boring rivet in the already collapsing machine that is “old school thrash”. -Eden Kupermintz Mestis – “Pura Vida” Javier Reyes is rather underrated, but I guess that can happen when you’re the second guitarist in a band where the primary guitarist is one of the most famed one of recent years. This should only be a testament to Javier himself though, as it means he’s up to par. His solo project Mestis had an EP a few years ago, and it was just delightful. Combining Latin and jazz elements with the groovier aspects of the Animals As Leaders sound, the record left many wanting for more. Well, fret not (pun intended), as there’s new Mestis material! It’s still chock full of that relaxing-yet-engaging sound. For “Pura Vida,” Javier has recruited Mario and Erick from fellow guitar-and-chill band Chon , and the combination works well. The track is a bit more mellow and melancholic than the Mestis usual (though admittedly we have a very small sample size to discern the Mestis sound), but that is most likely due to the Chon influence. Either way, this makes us only more excited for Polysemy , the next Mestis outing, which is coming out on the 6th of November. -Noyan Tokgozoglu Revenge – “Wolf Slave Protocol” As I mentioned in my Starter Kit for Bestial Black Metal , Canadian-based Revenge are not only my personal favorite band in the subgenre, but the current poster-boys for anyone wishing to point out why the style is so viciously primal in the best way possible. As the band gears up for their latest, Hemingway-esque titled album Behold.Total.Rejection , they have released the savagely titled lead single “Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side),” and while claiming that a band is going through the motions may seem like a critique, in the case of Revenge, “going the motions” translates to eviscerating everyone in a one-inch radius. Every instrument blares in a flurry of sound and aggression that initially startles and then commands complete attention. People can may question the quality of this single and Revenge in general, and that is ok; we are all allowed to be wrong about some things. But not a single person can dispute the fact that Revenge is one of the most sonically violent band operating today, and this single both proves that assertion and should stoke anyone keen to truly abrasive metal. -Scott Murphy

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Reflects on the Death of Metallica’s Cliff Burton Metallica ‘s Cliff Burton is one of the most beloved figures in the history of hard rock and metal and his memory lives on with the legacy of the band’s early albums. One of the future rockers who was influenced by the work of Burton and his Metallica bandmates was Machine Head ‘s Robb Flynn , who posted a new journal entry reflecting on what Burton meant to him in honor of the celebration of the bassist’s birthday. “It’s amazing to think how the music world may (or may not) have been different had the tragic bus accident not taken his life,” says Flynn, who has been reflecting on the times he actually got to see Burton perform in his youth. He recalls hanging out with his friend Jim Pittman as a kid and the first time he heard ‘Kill ‘Em All.’ The frontman says, “We’d never heard anything like it. We gleefully stumbled around the running track behind American High School for hours and probably played ‘Whiplash’ fifty times in a row, headbanging wildly the whole time. What a great memory! Still blasting the bootleg, we stumbled back to my house where my parents were gone, we vowed to jam more and to get better at our own band … and to see Metallica the next time they played.” After catching a ride from his dad, Flynn says he had the time of his life. He recalls, “When Metallica took the stage, the world came alive … When it came time for Cliff’s ‘(Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth’ bass solo, I just remember being mesmerized. I’d had so many metal debates with Jim and other friends that there’s no way that was a ‘bass’ solo. It was a ‘guitar’ solo. Fact. End-of-story. My mind was blown.” Flynn says Metallica’s works with Burton have resonated with him to this day. He explains, “The bass lines were hypnotizing me ever-so-subtly to the point where even now, I know every bass line on those albums like it’s part of my DNA. Go and listen to our song ‘Now I Lay Thee Down’; the triad bass line in the chorus? That’s just one of my tributes to Cliff. The three-part lead section in the middle … I wrote that with Cliff looking over me. Hell, I called it ‘the Cliff part.’” When Burton died in a tragic bus crash, Flynn said it was one of those occasions he’ll always remember exactly where he was when he heard the news. “I was at a kegger party in Cliff’s hometown, Castro Valley, wired and drunk when ‘the news’ came on. 10PM, someone I didn’t know came running into the backyard and yelled, ‘Cliff’s dead, Cliff from Metallica is dead!,’” Flynn recalls. “It was unreal. A stunned silence took over the party. They were ‘our’ band. This didn’t happen to ‘us.’” In the years since Burton’s death, Flynn says he’s read the Joel McIver biography on Burton and learned about how some diehard Metallica fans had made a memorial to the bassist at the site of the bus crash in Sweden. To pay homage, Flynn says he too made the pilgrimage during a tour of Sweden and stopped to leave a guitar pick with the mementos that many fans had left. He concludes, “As this Sunday (Feb. 10) comes to pass, I’m sure in our own way, some of us will pay tribute to a man whose attitude, demeanor, vibe, genuine love of music and unequaled talent affected us. I know I will. Happy birthday Cliff Burton, rest in peace.” To read Flynn’s full posting on Burton, click here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Favorite Cliff Burton-Era Metallica Album – Readers Poll” align=”center”]

Dave Grohl Explains History of Rock ‘n’ Roll on ‘Chelsea Lately’

YouTube Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is made the most of his week-long hosting stint on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ and while he’s done a solid job with his interviewing skills, the rock frontman scored big laughs with a sketch on the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Grohl put the ‘Chelsea Lately’ crew to work, dressing them in costumes as he attempted to explain what he did and the world he comes from to the staffers on the show. The sketch introduced key figures from each era — from Elvis through Deadmau5 — with the costumes getting increasingly absurd. The sketch ended with Grohl introducing the “one true original who transcends every genre of every decade and will continue to be the future of music” — Elton John . The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was one of Grohl’s guests earlier in the week and gave the singer some friendly advice. “For f— sake, get on with it,” John exclaimed. It was during the ‘Chelsea Lately’ appearance that Elton John revealed that he had been in the studio with Grohl and the members of Queens of the Stone Age , lending a hand on a track for Queens’ upcoming disc. ‘ Chelsea Lately ‘ can be seen weeknights at 11PM ET/10PM CT on the E! network. Watch Dave Grohl Explain the History of Rock ‘n’ Roll [button href=”” title=”Next: Dave Grohl Bringing Sound City Players to New York City” align=”center”]

Queens of the Stone Age Land Elton John for Guest Spot on Upcoming Album

Lisa Maree Williams / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Queens of the Stone Age ‘s upcoming disc is set to feature a who’s who of music stars. The latest confirmed participant on the band’s upcoming record is none other than the legendary Elton John . The piano man revealed his guest turn on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ which is being hosted this week by Queens of the Stone Age’s studio drummer Dave Grohl . The Foo Fighters frontman teased, “Recently Elton and I recorded something together, something that people wouldn’t imagine the two of us doing together,” setting up John to reveal his participation. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer revealed the bizarre consequences surrounding his recording session, explaining, “I was in Vegas and I can back to L.A. and Engelbert Humperdink had written me this very sweet letter and asked me to do a duet with him and I couldn’t say no. He’s 76 and still got a great voice and he’d been part of my history, so I said, ‘Of course.’ So I went there and sang the duet with him and then I drove three blocks in the Valley and went from Engelbert to Queens of the Stone Age, which was a bit of a mindf—.” John says it may seem like an unlikely pairing, but it’s not weird at all to him. He pointed out that he played on Alice in Chains ‘ last album and admitted that he rarely gets approached for rock guest spots because people think he’ll just say no. Speaking about the session, Elton recalled, “It was really a great track and you know I’m a piano player and guitar bands play differently …. And I think it was in B, which is a pianist’s nightmare, and we played for three hours, and [Grohl] played on every take and every take was amazing. He’s just built like a brick s— house when he plays the drums, you know, and it was fantastic.” In addition to John, the Queens of the Stone Age album has reportedly included guest contributions from Trent Reznor , Nick Oliveri , Mark Lanegan and the Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears , as well as Grohl’s drumming on the full disc. Watch Dave Grohl Interview Elton John on ‘Chelsea Lately’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Queens of the Stone Age Reveal Album Secrets in Mockumentary” align=”center”]

Dave Grohl Hopes to Perform ‘Sound City’ Shows Around the World

Theo Wargo, Getty Images You can never get too much of a good thing and Dave Grohl knows that the magic provided by the Sound City Players is something that music fans need to see. After an epic performance at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this month and another scheduled show at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles Jan. 31, Grohl says he’s open to staging more of the star-studded concerts. The ‘ Sound City ‘ director that gathered all the talent in the first place tells Billboard , “We plan to do shows all over the world. When I came up with the idea of taking all these performers to the live stage a few months ago, my idea [was] to have video presentations between each performance. We’ll have that at the next shows.” The first two Sound City Players dates have included guest appearances from Stevie Nicks , John Fogerty , Cheap Trick ‘s Rick Nielsen , Slipknot ‘s Corey Taylor , Fear’s Lee Ving, Rick Springfield and members of Rage Against the Machine , Nirvana , Queens of the Stone Age and more. Fan-shot video of the Sound City Players featuring Corey Taylor and Rick Nielsen covering Cheap Trick’s ‘Surrender’ may be seen below. The concerts are helping to promote Grohl’s ‘Sound City’ documentary, which not only tells the story of the legendary Los Angeles recording studio but also serves as a love letter by some of rock’s greats to the idea of collaboration in a room and the bonds formed playing live music together. Grohl says, “I knew I didn’t want it to be a retrospective documentary, the history of the studio. [The story] has an emotion quality to it and it had some relevance … ‘Sound City’ has been home to so many influential albums, but also to so many beautiful stories about people and their relationships. It’s such a deeper story than a ‘Behind the Music’ that would talk about ‘Damn the Torpedoes.’ The film will screen in theaters around the world on Jan. 31, with additional screenings set up throughout the month of February. Sound City Players Featuring Corey Taylor and Rick Nielsen Perform ‘Surrender’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Dave Grohl Shares Admiration for Paul McCartney + Corey Taylor” align=”center”]

Best Kid Rock Song – Readers Poll

Mary Ouellette, Kid Rock has enjoyed a fruitful career that’s seen him enjoy success not only as a rock act, but also stepping into the worlds of hip-hop, country and pop just as easily. There’s no disagreeing that it’s hard to pin down the musician to just one genre, but some of his best songs have been rocking numbers. In this Loudwire Readers Poll, we’re asking you to determine Kid Rock’s best song. His ‘Devil Without a Cause’ album seems like a good place to start, with ‘I Am the Bullgod’ giving him some of his first radio play. That followed with a string of hits that included ‘Bawitdaba,’ ‘Cowboy’ and the rock ballad, ‘Only God Knows Why.’ After breaking big, the singer issued ‘The History of Rock’ detailing some of his earlier work and ‘American Bad Ass’ proved to be the disc’s breakout hit. Kid Rock’s ‘Cocky’ album led off with the single ‘Forever,’ followed by ‘Lonely Road of Faith’ and the crossover duet with Sheryl Crow on ‘Picture.’ The singer’s self-titled set spawned the hit song ‘Jackson, Mississippi,’ and Rock enjoyed a commercial rebound with the ‘Rock N Roll Jesus’ album, which gave us the hard-hitting ‘So Hott’ and the Lynyrd Skynyrd -influenced ‘All Summer Long,’ as well as ‘Amen.’ Rock went a little more message-oriented for the title track of the ‘Born Free’ album. That disc also spawned the college football theme song, ‘God Bless Saturday.’ And finally, the musician issued his ‘Rebel Soul’ album late last year, with ‘Let’s Ride’ being the first track to enjoy some airplay. So there you have it — 15 of Kid Rock’s most popular to choose from. Tell us which track is Kid Rock’s best song in the Loudwire Readers Poll below. Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Best Rob Zombie Album” align=”center”]

Dave Grohl’s ‘Sound City Players’ to Perform After Los Angeles Film Premiere

Jason Merritt, Getty Images Park City, Utah, doesn’t get to have all the fun, as Dave Grohl will bring his Sound City Players to Los Angeles on Jan. 31, coinciding with the Hollywood theatrical premiere of his ‘Sound City’ documentary. The Los Angeles premiere will take place at the Cinerama Dome and is invite-only. However, Grohl and a number of his musical friends will make the couple of blocks trek to the Palladium after the premiere to play a concert at the Palladium . A number of the same performers from the Sundance Film Festival event will return for the Los Angeles concert, with a few new names joining in as well. The Sound City Players lineup features Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear joining Grohl, as well as his Foo Fighters cohorts Taylor Hawkins , Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, and Rami Jaffe. In addition, fans can look for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes, John Fogerty , Jessy Greene, Queens of the Stone Age ‘s Chris Goss and Alain Johannes, Stevie Nicks , Cheap Trick ‘s Rick Nielsen , Rick Springfield, Fear’s Lee Ving and Rage Against the Machine ‘s Brad Wilk. The documentary centers on the famous Sound City studio in Los Angeles where many of the great records in music history were made. Grohl interviewed a number of musicians who have recorded there and turned it into a documentary on the history of the studio. In addition to the Los Angeles premiere and a public screening, ‘Sound City’ will debut in a number of theaters on Jan. 31 and select dates in February. For a full rundown of when and where the film is playing, check here . [button href=”” title=”Next: See the ‘Sound City’ Cast + Soundtrack Details” align=”center”]