What If Everyone Had Scott Ian’s Beard?

Megaforce For a long time, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has sported one of metal’s most celebrated beards. Once predominantly black, these days Ian has taken a more natural approach to the beard, allowing some gray into the mix. Ian’s beard deserves a prominent spot in some sort of Rock and Roll Facial Hair Hall of Fame next to James Hetfield’s goat-like chin-plant and Kerry King’s whimsical bristles. Few possess the pure manliness to grow such a beard. The dedication involved is staggering in itself, no doubt taking many months or even years to cultivate. But what if everyone was able to grow a beard like Scott Ian? Obviously we would all grow one, but what would it look like on some of the world’s most recognizable faces? A beard of this stature deserves the upmost reverence, so we’ve decided to attach Ian’s breathtaking chin-locks to various lucky recipients. So, what if everyone had Scott Ian’s beard? They’d look something like this: Dave Mustaine Lars Ulrich Marilyn Manson Smashing Pumpkins Axl Rose Jay Leno Barack Obama

What If Everyone Had Scott Ian’s Beard?

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