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Cradle of Filth Forced to Cancel 2013 North American Tour Dates

Peaceville Bad news for Cradle of Filth fans in North America … the British extreme metal band have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour with the Faceless , Decapitated and the Agonist . According to an official statement from Cradle of Filth, the cancellation is due to immigration issues that are “beyond the band’s control.” Back in October 2012, we spoke with Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth , who speculated that a North American tour with the Faceless, Decapitated and the Agonist would likely happen in 2013. Having called the tour package a “really strong lineup,” we’re sure that Dani, Cradle of Filth and the three other acts on the bill aren’t feeling too happy about the forced cancellation, especially due to it being cancelled on somewhat of a technicality. Cradle of Filth posted on their official Facebook page about the tour’s cancellation: Cradle Of Filth are really sorry to tell all of their fans that their US tour ’28 Days Closer to Hell’ is going to have to be cancelled, due to US immigration issues beyond the band’s control. They have been desperately trying to solve these problems, but it has become evident they are not going to be resolved in time for the band to embark on a tour that starts next week. The band sincerely apologize to all their fans and to the other acts on the tour and want to assure people they have made every effort possible to go ahead with the tour. Hopefully Cradle of Filth will be able to return to North American soil sometime soon, and when it happens, we’ll be sure to let you know. The band released its latest album, ‘ The Manticore and Other Horrors ,’ on Halloween 2012. [button href=”” title=”Dani Filth Recalls Being Stalked by ‘Reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory'” align=”center”]

Singer Adam Gontier Explains Departure From Three Days Grace

Mary Ouellette, As Three Days Grace fans continue to absorb the surprising news from earlier today (Jan. 9) that frontman Adam Gontier has left the band, the singer himself has released a heartfelt letter explaining his departure. We reported  that Three Days Grace have announced that Gontier left the band due to health issues and has been replaced by My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst for the band’s upcoming tour with Shinedown. With the unspecified ‘health issues’ being cited as the reason, speculation stirred that it might be connected to Gontier’s previously publicized struggles with drugs and addiction. But Gontier explains that he is perfectly sober and is just ready for a new chapter in his life. See Adam Gontier’s full ‘Address of Resignation’ from Three Days Grace below: To all of my fans, my friends, my family, these are my words coming from my heart, separate from my role as “lead singer of Three Days Grace”. I want you all to know how very thankful I am for your consistent love, your respect, and you’re undying support. It is important for me to address any concerns regarding my health being connected to drugs or addiction. The truth is, when I was struggling during that dark time in my life, I hit rock bottom, and I had the kindest of people reach out from all over the world, and reach their hands out to help pick me up. I am so blessed to be walking in the light now. I am reminded of your loyalty, always. The truth is, and I’m very proud to say this…, I am sober. That chapter in my life is over. There have been many defining moments in my life. My time as part of Three Days Grace is most definitely one of the miraculous ones. I have had so many tender hearted people share with me their stories. How I’ve touched, or changed their lives. My truth is that all of the love I have received has forever changed my life. Each letter I’ve read, every picture I’ve been sent, all of the voices I’ve heard sing along with me, I will forever remember, and never forget… After twenty years of being part of an ever evolving band, I have been inspired by life, to move on and to continue to evolve on my own terms. I could not be more grateful for all the souls who have travelled along with me. A journey I look back on with integrity, and a future I look forward to with such hope. I have always admired brave hearts. Life is always changing. I will continue to follow my heart, and what I love to do. I’m not sure what the next horizon will look like, but I do have all the faith in the world that whatever it is, It’s meant to be, and I have faith that blessings will continue to shine over all of us. I once heard a “brave heart” say: “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” It’s because of my life’s journey, because of all of you, that I believe. Sincerely, with love, Adam Three Days Grace, with Matt Walst on vocals, are set to embark on a co-headlining tour with Shinedown at the beginning of February. [button href=”” title=”Next: Matt Walst Discusses Role as New Singer of Three Days Grace” align=”center”]

Papa Roach vs. RED – Cage Match

Photos: Facebook: Papa Roach / RED Papa Roach continue on their road to victory in the Cage Match with their single ‘Where Did the Angels Go’ but will they have the same winning outcome against their latest competitors? RED enter the matchup with their brand new single ‘Perfect Life’ off of their forthcoming record ‘Release the Panic’ which is due out Feb. 5. The band is also gearing up for their 2013 Winter Jam tour with support from Royal Tailor. For a full list of dates and cities, go here . So will RED have the ‘Perfect’ win or will Papa Roach soar higher with ‘Where Did The Angels Go’? Get in on the action and vote for your favorite track in the poll below! (This Cage Match will run until Wednesday, Dec. 26, at 8AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!) Papa Roach, ‘Where Did The Angels Go’ RED, ‘Perfect Life’ Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. Email Me When Cage Match Winners Are Announced Enter your email address below to receive the Loudwire newsletter, which will include notification of the daily winner of the Cage Match, as well as our top stories of the day. Email Rules of Cage Match: Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite song. If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight cage matches, it is retired to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!

Hatebreed Singer Jamey Jasta Talks Cover Art for ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ in New Album Trailer

Clay Patrick McBride, Razor & Tie Hatebreed fans are looking forward to the band’s sixth studio album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ due out next year on Jan. 25 via Razor & Tie Records. In the album trailer below, frontman Jamey Jasta talks about the cover art of the new record by saying, “I feel like with everything being so digital and being in this computer age where everything can be found on the Internet, I felt like it would be cool to do a cover which is a painting. We’ve never had that before with Hatebreed.” Jasta goes on to say, “We wanted the title ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ to spark thought and have people interpret it and go, “What does that mean?” or “What could it mean?” The lead single off the record is the recently released ‘Put It To the Torch.’ The album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ is the band’s follow-up to their 2009 self-titled release. Hatebreed recently wrapped up a stint on tour with Lamb of God and In Flames; check out photos of their stop in New York City here . The band has also announced dates for their 2013 headlining ‘Persistence’ Tour with Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus and the Contortionist. Check Out Hatebreed’s Album Trailer Below [button href=”” title=”Check Out Hatebreed’s 2013 Dates with Shadows Fall” align=”center”]

Machine Head Guitarist Phil Demmel Reveals Writing Plans for Band’s Next Album

Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images Machine Head fans worldwide we certainly happy to hear that frontman Robb Flynn made it through his emergency hernia surgery with just a bad-ass scar, allowing Flynn to get back on the road for their current tour with Dethklok, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder. Adding to the list of good news, Machine Head are planning to start writing their next album once the tour comes to an end. Guitarist Phil Demmel was recently interviewed by , where he shared some details about the follow-up to Machine Head’s 2011 album, ‘Unto the Locust.’ “After this tour, we want to get in and start writing,” begins Demmel. “We’ve got a couple of things for next year, but for the most part we want to get in and hopefully start recording before the end of the year next year. Have we thought about directions or any of that? It hasn’t really been agreed upon yet. I think we’re just going to write like we have been.” He adds, “Our formula has been to just come up with something and see what happens. Nothing contrived, you know? That’s how [current hit] ‘Darkness Within’ happened, and that’s how a lot of the stuff on the last album happened, so we’ll just see how we progress. Robb took classical lessons before the last record, so I think it’s just going to be an amalgamation of everything we’ve learned so far. We keep evolving, and it’s not going to be ‘Blackening II’ and it’s not going to be ‘Unto the Locust II.’ I think it’s going to be our strongest record.” Demmel also shared his personal songwriting tricks. “I have a little recorder and I mouth riffs into it. Sitting around watching football and just noodling and recording little harmonies come up, and having them come together with these guys is an amazing process. When you write from the heart, it’s pure and it’s genuine and that’s how we’re going to do it. I won’t be in the band if that’s not going to be the case.” Check out the remaining dates for Machine Head’s current tour and click the button below to see the band on our 10 Best Metal Songs of 2012 list. [button href=”” title=”See the 10 Best Metal Songs of 2012″ align=”center”]

Ill Nino Unleash Video for ‘La Epidemia’

Victory Records Their sixth studio album, ‘Epidemia,’ was released last week (Oct. 22), and now  Ill Niño has unveiled the video for ‘La Epidemia.’ Both the song and clip feature  Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri. The video for ‘La Epidemia’ was filmed at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wis. It features performance footage of the band, along with some backstage shots. Palmeri and Ill Nino’s Cristian Machado are shown doing vocals in an empty area of the venue. It wasn’t difficult to line up their schedules, since Ill Nino and Emmure were on tour together at the time. Machado spoke with SMNnews about their new album. The singer stated, “I truly feel it embodies who the band really is without compromising musical growth. To define our way of Latin Metal was the intention and, if we got 75 percent of the way there, we succeeded. The feeling, at the end of the day, should be had by the fans and not the band.” “The more we focus on our songs and just that, the better we are as band,” Machado continues. “Too much outside influence can sometimes ruin creativity and focus. In our case, we’ve walked the fine line between being focused and having identity crisis for a long time. These personal creative differences are not audible on ‘Epidemia,’ making it one of our strongest and more focused efforts.” After wrapping up that tour with Emmure, Ill Nino only has one other show currently on their 2012 calendar. They will perform in Marietta, Ga. on Dec. 8. Watch Ill Nino’s ‘La Epidemia’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Static-X Bow Out of Tour with Ill Nino and Emmure” align=”center”]

Clutch Reveal New Album Title + Dates for Late 2012 Tour

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Clutch have been quiet as of late, but the band is ready to emerge from the studio with their latest chugging opus, ‘Earth Rocker.’ The group just completed the effort, and they currently have circled March 2013 on their calendar to release the disc. Singer Neil Fallon tells  Antiquiet , “Last minute overdubs are fun — Harmonicas, tambourines (yes, we use those), claps, the odd backing vocal. Recording can be monotonous, so those unintended moments can be a lot of fun. It’s kind of like kindergarten music class, but with beer. And sometimes the spontaneity of a last ditch idea breathes a lot of life back into a song that we’ve been beating up for weeks on end. A looming deadline can be a great muse!” As for the sound, the frontman adds, “It has a lot in common with ‘Blast Tyrant’ in that Machine’s production techniques are really unique. It differs from ‘Blast Tyrant’ and a lot of other Clutch records in that, overall, the songs are faster and concise.” With the record ready to go, Clutch will get their live chops in order. The band has booked a handful of late October/early November shows in the Midwest, and will also take part in a late year holiday tour in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. After that, the group will head to Europe for January and February dates before ‘Earth Rocker’s’ March release. Clutch Tour With Lionize and Monstro 10/31 — Flint, Mich. — Machine Shop 11/1 — Flint, Mich. — Machine Shop 11/2 — Joliet, Ill. — Mojoes 11/3 — Detroit, Mich. — St. Andrews Hall 11/4 –Detroit, Mich. — St. Andrews Hall Holiday Tour With Mondo Generator, Saviors and Wino 12/26 — Washington, D.C. — 9:30 Club 12/27 — Asheville, N.C. — Orange Peel 12/28 — Lexington, Ky. — Buster’s Billiards & Backroom 12/29 — Columbus, Ohio — Newport Music Hall 12/30 — Sayreville, N.J. — Starland Ballroom 12/31 — Worcester, Mass. — The Palladium