Metallica To Self-Release Upcoming Live DVD ‘Quebec Magnetic’ Metallica have just filled in a lot if the missing pieces regarding their upcoming live DVD/Blu-ray. The special release, recorded during a two-night residency in Canada in Quebec City in the fall of 2009 during their ‘World Magnetic Tour,’ features a set list chosen by fans and marks a very special release for Metallica. Due out on Dec. 10, ‘Quebec Magnetic,’ a double DVD and single disc Blu-ray, will serve as the very first time Metallica have released anything on their own North American label. Although the band isn’t disclosing all the details about the label yet, Metallica are stoked about the venture, as expressed in a recent statement on their website : “We’re pretty excited that for the first time we get to hold all the reins on a release from start to finish.” As part of releasing it on their own and maintaining control, the band is promising a very affordable price with a suggested retail cost of $15.98 for either format. The fan-voted setlist for the main disc was also revealed and can be seen below. However, all of the songs played throughout the two shows are included on the DVD/Blu-ray version. The band also showed off the cover-art for the first time, seen above. ‘Quebec Magnetic’ Set List Track Listing: ‘That Was Just Your Life’ ‘The End Of The Line’ ‘The Four Horsemen’ ‘The Shortest Straw’ ‘One’ ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ ‘My Apocalypse’ ‘Sad But True’ ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ ‘The Judas Kiss’ ‘The Day That Never Comes’ ‘Master of Puppets’ ‘Battery’ ‘Nothing Else Matters’ ‘Enter Sandman’ ‘Killing Time’ ‘Whiplash’ ‘Seek & Destroy’ Bonus Songs : ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ ‘Holier Than Thou’ ‘Cyanide’ ‘Turn the Page’ ‘All Nightmare Long’ ‘Damage, Inc.’ ‘Breadfan’ ‘Phantom Lord’ [button href=”” title=”Get All Your Metallica News Here” align=”center”]

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Metallica To Self-Release Upcoming Live DVD ‘Quebec Magnetic’

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