Metallica Unveil 3D Movie Title + Release Plans

Elektra Records Metallica fans have been patiently waiting, and today (Jan. 15) the band rewarded them with the news that their highly anticipated 3D concert movie will be titled ‘Metallica Through the Never.’ Plus, the group let it be known that the film will receive a theatrical release on Aug. 9. In a posting on their website, the band revealed that they’ve been working throughout the fall and into early 2013 with director Nimrod Antal and his team of editors to create the movie. They’ve also signed a deal with independent marketing and distribution company Picturehouse to bring it to theaters around the world. The band was impressed with the track record of Picturehouse founder Bob Berney, who had overseen the release of two of the biggest independent films ever — ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and ‘The Passion of the Christ.’ The movie mogul recently re-entered the picture as the firm’s CEO and his first project in that role will be ‘Metallica Through the Never.’ Drummer Lars Ulrich stated the following on the band’s website: Metallica’s way of doing things is to jump into unexplored creative endeavors with no safety net whatsoever. Putting this movie together for the last couple of years has been a pretty wild ride, and we’ve definitely done our fair share of flying without a net! Bringing Bob and [Picturehouse President] Jeanne [Berney] and the new Picturehouse team in at this point provides us with a much-needed level of security for the distribution of the film. Their spirit of independence and desire to work outside the box is something we can relate to in every way and this makes them both a welcome addition and a natural fit in the Metallica family. Ulrich recently compared the film to Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Song Remains the Same,’ and also gave further details about the movie’s concept. Click below for more on the 3D film: [button href=”” title=”Next: Lars Ulrich Discusses 3D Film’s Parallel Universe” align=”center”]

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Metallica Unveil 3D Movie Title + Release Plans

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