My Chemical Romance Reveal ‘Conventional Weapons’ Song Schedule

Mary Oullette, My Chemical Romance recently announced their plans to reveal the pre-’Danger Days’ material that they recorded for the scrapped album ‘ Conventional Weapons .’ Now they’ve revealed the schedule for the songs that will be spread out over the next five months. ? Each month there will be a new double-sided single that’s available in both digital and 7-inch vinyl formats. The vinyl will be available at most independent music retailers in countries worldwide. The first offering comes Oct. 30, as the track ‘Boy Division’ will front the A-side, while ‘Tomorrow’s Money’ is the B-side. You can currently pre-order either the full ‘Conventional Weapons’ set or the ‘Number One’ 7-inch orange vinyl featuring ‘Boy Division’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Money’ here . The ‘Number Two’ double-sided single features ‘AMBULANCE’ on Side A and ‘Gun’ on Side B. It’s due Nov. 23. ‘Number Three’ arrives Dec. 18 and features ‘The World Is Ugly’ on Side A and ‘Light Behind Your Eyes’ on Side B. The ‘Number Four’ single has ‘Kiss the Ring’ as the A Side, with ‘Make Room!!!!” as the B Side. It’s due Jan. 8. The final offering, ‘Number Five,’ features ‘Surrender the Night’ on Side A and ‘Burn Bright’ on Side B. It’s due Feb. 5. Those who purchase the entire vinyl box set will receive a custom slip box that holds all five 7-inch vinyl offerings, plus an exclusive ‘Conventional Weapons’ poster, and all 10 songs digitally on their respective street dates. [button href=”” title=”Next: My Chemical Romance: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

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My Chemical Romance Reveal ‘Conventional Weapons’ Song Schedule

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