Norma Jean to Begin Recording Their New Album in December

Razor & Tie Georgian metalcore band Norma Jean have announced that they will begin recording their sixth studio album in December. Labeled after the birth name of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean have been pumping out American metalcore for 15 years. Having released their breakthrough record, ‘Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child,’ back in 2002, the band has kept a really strong fan base ever since the strong metalcore serge in the early 2000s. Frontman Cory Brandan recently posted the news on Norma Jean’s Facebook page: We will begin our last block of writing in 7 days, and will enter the studio in December. Norma Jean will be recording our next record with Joshua Barber out of Kansas City and will be in the studio all of December and January, save for the holidays. We’ve already met with Josh to go over ideas and have been keeping in contact with him regularly. He came down and sat in on our last writing session in September. We worked really well together and had tons of ideas. I’ll leave a link in the comments of something he’s done if anyone wants to check out some music. Thanks to all of you that have supported Norma Jean over the years. We still have a lot of momentum and can’t wait for you guys to hear these new songs. – Cory Former Norma Jean vocalist Josh Scogin recently released an awesome album with his current band, The Chariot . Check out our exclusive video interview with Scogin by clicking the button below. [button href=”” title=”Next: The Chariot’s Josh Scogin Talks to Loudwire” align=”center”]

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Norma Jean to Begin Recording Their New Album in December

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