Rob Zombie Says He’ll Stop Making Music When It’s No Longer Fun

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Rob Zombie has two passions he’s been able to balance equally well in recent years — heading up his own rock band and growing his burgeoning career as a movie director. But Zombie is very aware of the burnout factor that may set in at some point in his life and has a plan in place if and when that happens. The rocker told Metal Hammer that there’s not any fear of having a period where he’s “going through the motions” because if that starts happening, he’ll just shut down whatever he’s doing. He explains, “I always stopped, like when White Zombie was miserable, when we were at the height of our fame, the shows were huge, it was a big arena tour, and I was just like, ‘I’m done. I can’t go onstage anymore and pretend like this is awesome.’” Zombie says of the potential for that happening in the future, “If I’m having fun, I’ll dedicate myself around the clock, but as soon as it’s not, I’m out. Kids think you’re doing things for money, but money became irrelevant a long time ago. It might be why a lot of people do it, but it’s not why I do anything.” Rob Zombie spent the fall touring with Marilyn Manson  on the excellent ‘Twins of Evil’ tour , which now makes its way to the U.K. for the remainder of November before exploring the rest of Europe in December. [button href=”” title=”Next: Rob Zombie – Stage Name Origins” align=”center”]

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Rob Zombie Says He’ll Stop Making Music When It’s No Longer Fun

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