Slash Explains URL Slashes on ‘Conan’

Conan Colons, forward slashes, backward slashes, dots and coms — writing a URL can be a tricky business. And who better to set the record straight than rock’s very own Slash ? Slash weighed in on the subject during last night’s (Oct. 15) episode of ‘ Conan ‘ during the ‘Fan Corrections’ segment, which finds viewers sending in videos where they point out what they think are mistakes in the show. According to a YouTube user calling himself JRok34, the URL ‘Conan’ provides for ‘Fan Corrections’ submissions — which includes a small photo of Slash’s head where the slash should be — is incorrect, because it should be leaning forward. ( Forward Slash — get it?) For the definitive answer, Conan turned to Slash himself, who taped a brief response from a recording studio wherein he pointed out that because the picture shows him looking ahead, it’s very much a forward Slash — and then he demonstrated the difference between that and a back Slash by turning around and showing his back to the camera. Having made his case, he concluded by adding, “Sorry, JRok34, but you don’t know s— about HTTP addresses.” Hard to argue with that logic, no? Check out the video below to watch Slash kick his knowledge of all things internet.

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Slash Explains URL Slashes on ‘Conan’

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