Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Billy Corgan Relates to Wrestling Villain Rowdy Roddy Piper

Jason Kempin, Getty Images While Smashing Pumpkins remain Billy Corgan ‘s primary passion, the frontman has definitely made some room in his life over the last couple of years to explore his love of professional wrestling . The rocker says he’s always responded to the wrestling archetypes, and feels a kinship with some of the wrestling villains like Rowdy Roddy Piper. Corgan tells Spinner , “It’s all the shades that exist in [wrestling] that involve good and evil.

There is an axiom in wrestling that says, to the effect, ‘Evil must always believe it is right.’ So when Roddy Piper would do something messed up, he was sort of sticking to a morality code in wrestling. And what makes great heels are the guys that often times the fans won’t embrace because he is not a start, yet he probably has the talent of the star, so they have a sense of justification. That’s part of the magic of wrestling for me.” The frontman says that much like Piper, he’s played “the heel” in public because he feels it’s his role.

“I’m probably a guy that has a world-class gift, but often I get treated sometimes like someone that just wandered into a grocery store and just happened to be standing there when the light bulb went on,” says Corgan. “I do get kind of pissy by being underappreciated and so at times I kind of go ‘Piper.’ I play the heel to draw attention to myself and most importantly to let people know I think I do belong in a room with everyone else.”

Corgan adds that he’s not satisfied with resting on what his musical talent has provided to date. He concludes, “I still have something to say and I think I have a better track record than most people you are listening to today.”

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