Stone Sour Visit Mysterious Realms in Music Video For ‘Absolute Zero’

Roadrunner Stone Sour have just released a new video for ‘Absolute Zero,’ their first single off ‘House of Gold & Bones – Part 1.’ The tripped-out video documents a man trapped inside a bizarre graffiti-covered room with images of Stone Sour lining the walls. The clip for ‘Absolute Zero’ definitely offers some interesting creativity as the main character is stuck in some sort of other-worldly realm. Within this realm, two versions of Stone Sour perform the track throughout the area; one colored grey and the other colored gold. The man is presented with a choice, represented by two buttons in the respective colors of Stone Sour’s dueling identities. We won’t give away his decision, but it is sure to stir up the imagination of fans. “‘Absolute Zero’ is the anti-hero anthem of House of Gold & Bones – Part One,” Corey Taylor tells Rolling Stone . “It essentially lets you know that the hero isn’t perfect, but he will do whatever is necessary. The video is loosely based on the fact that in the short story, the hero ends up in a very strange world and he has to figure out what’s going on and what he’ll do.” Stone Sour are set to begin a comprehensive world tour beginning Nov. 25 in Paris, France. Head on over to to check out the band’s new video for ‘Absolute Zero.’ [button href=”″ title=”Watch Stone Sour’s New Video For ‘Absolute Zero'” align=”center”]

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Stone Sour Visit Mysterious Realms in Music Video For ‘Absolute Zero’

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