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Down and Warbeast Provide Passion and Emotion at Los Angeles Tour Stop

Kathy Flynn, The temps may be chilly outside, but Down and Warbeast definitely brought the heat to West Hollywood’s Key Club Wednesday night (Jan. 16) for the Los Angeles stop of their winter tour. The two acts combined for a blistering night of rock and some rather emotional moments before all was said and done. As was announced right before the tour, both bands have dedicated the entire trek to the memory of late Rigor Mortis and Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia and each of the acts made note of Scaccia’s legacy and friendship during their sets. During their performance, Warbeast dedicated tracks to the guitarist and urged fans to scream in his honor. It was obvious that frontman Bruce Corbitt was still feeling the loss of his onetime Rigor Mortis bandmate. Warbeast amped up the audience during their opening set. Guitarist Scott Shelby laid down some killer licks and Corbitt commanded the crowd throughout, with tracks like ‘Egotistical Bastard’ and ‘Krush the Enemy’ working the audience into a circle pit frenzy. The group ended their set on a high note with ‘It’ and ‘Birth of the Psycho,’ their two contributions to the newly released split EP with Phil Anselmo , ‘ War of the Gargantuas .’ Down were the night’s headliner and they did not disappoint with the audience passionately fist-pumping along to the band’s songs throughout the evening. Like Warbeast, Phil Anselmo offered his salute to Scaccia and also got a little teary-eyed mentioning the band’s home base of New Orleans before rocking out to ‘New Orleans Is a Dying Whore.’ But amidst the emotion, there was also some levity as Anselmo grabbed a bra that had been tossed onstage, gave it to drummer Jimmy Bower commenting that he thought it might not be big enough and then watched as Bower put on the undergarment to cover his shirtless body for the remainder of the show. Highlights of Down’s performance included a blistering version of ‘Witchtripper,’ fan favorites ‘Lifer’ and ‘Lysergic Funeral Procession,’ and the anthemic ‘Eyes of the South.’ The set also included an encore of ‘Stone the Crow’ and ‘Bury Me in Smoke,’ with members of Warbeast hopping up onstage for an extended jam on the final track. The Down / Warbeast ‘Weed and Speed’ tour rolls on into early February. To check out the remaining dates on the trek, click here . Take a look at our photo gallery from the Down / Warbeast show below. Down: Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Warbeast: Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, (2) Kathy Flynn, Kathy Flynn, [button href=”” title=”Next: Down Discuss New Music Directions + Being Handsome” align=”center”]

Phil Anselmo Talks Boxing With Rapper 50 Cent

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Rick Diamond, Getty Images As one of metal’s most aggressive vocalists in history, it’s no surprise to learn that Pantera / Down vocalist Philip Anselmo is a huge fan of boxing. Surely tracks such as ‘F—ing Hostile’ and ‘Mouth for War’ have inspired many fists to bust through walls, along with faces, so Boxing Insider welcomed Anselmo for an exclusive interview, but here’s the catch: Philip Anselmo was brought in to conduct an interview with yet another musician and boxing fan … rapper 50 Cent. In an hilarious piece of truth, Anselmo admitted to have no effing clue who 50 Cent was, but penned kind words about the rapper. “Call me morbid, call me pale, call me a victim of pugilistic dementia, but I must say, speaking to this man was an interesting experience,” writes Anselmo. “I was beyond impressed with his smarts, his sense of humor, his accomplishments and his future plans.” Although not one to follow the hip-hop game, Anselmo’s interviewing skills were spot-on: Anselmo : “Do you see any parallels between music and boxing on a business level?” 50 Cent : “Well yes. In the past the majority of the record companies were run continuously. Artists would come up and be really exciting at certain points and eventually go through that cycle of entertainment. Then, they (record companies) built entertainment to destroy them (the artists) for the sake of entertainment. And as you go up, and keep going up in an artist’s career, there’s no place to go but down shortly thereafter. And if you look at some of those older artists that are so talented, then ask yourself, ‘What happened to them?’ or ‘Why aren’t they still recording?’ or ‘Why aren’t they still exciting to the general public?’, it’s because the public follows that system. The shadow of doubt is cast over artists and music culture at different points. You have to be independent in order to work things out through that shadow. Because it’s this system that decides who is relevant, and companies have to see if they’re gonna continue to market and promote the actual projects anymore. And it’s the same with fighters; they’ll grow up and they’ll see some excitement around them and they’re having their moment, but in boxing if there is no opponent, the general public will make one for you. If a guy happens to be a shining star in his weight class, there’ll be another fighter that may have a great performance in the same division, so that guy will be perceived as the guy that can beat the shining star. And the public and press will make the challenger as relevant as you, because the star fighter needs to fight! And like music culture is to boxing, you’re only as exciting as your last hit record, or in boxing/music terms, your last performance or fight.” Check out Philip Anselmo’s full interview with 50 Cent at Boxing Insider. [button href=”″ title=”Down – 10 Best Metal Albums of 2012″ align=”center”]

Down Perform With Former Bassist Rex Brown in Dallas

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Ethan Miller, Getty Images Down and former bassist Rex Brown reunited onstage Tuesday night (Sept. 18) for the first time since the musician exited the band last year. The veteran rocker and longtime cohort of Down singer Phil Anselmo dating back to the Pantera years, came out to perform during the encore songs of ‘Stone the Crow’ and ‘Bury Me in Smoke’ during the group’s set in Dallas. (Watch footage below.) Brown first took leave from the band in 2009 while suffering from pancreatitis. Anselmo stated in an interview, “I gave it my all and I love Rex Brown with all of my f—ing heart and soul, but goddamnit he will not put down that f—ing bottle for any of us.” During his absence, the band had Patrick Bruders fill in for Brown and the bassist remained after Brown revealed his exit from the group last year. Brown later found a new musical home in a band called Kill Devil Hill . Down just released the first of four scheduled EPs yesterday. Dubbed ‘ Down IV Part 1 – The Purple EP ,’ the set has already spawned the single ‘ Witchtripper .’ ? Watch Rex Brown Play With Down [button href=”” title=”Next: Win a Down Prize Pack” align=”center”]

Phil Anselmo Talks Upcoming Down EP, Solo Album + More

Phil Anselmo was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Anselmo talked about the upcoming  Down disc ‘Down IV Part I – The Purple EP’ as well as his own solo album, his own label Housecore Records and much more. If you missed Jackie’s show, read the full interview with Phil Anselmo below: The first in a series of four Down EPs that are going to

Korn Jump Aboard as Co-Headliners of ShipRocked 2012 Cruise

Hard rock fans, rejoice! Korn have joined Godsmack as co-headliners of ShipRocked 2012. In addition, several other acts have jumped aboard the rockin’ cruise. The fourth annual event is bigger and better than ever, with Pop Evil, Helmet, the Halo Method (featuring former Evanescence member Ben Moody, ex-Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner and ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ winner Lukas Rossi), Dead Sara, Write This Down, and Andy Wood & the Amalgam among the