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Candlelight Red vs. Taproot – Cage Match

Candlelight Red continue to keep the flame in their fans lit as they pulled out a win against Black Oxygen in the last Cage Match but can they do it again versus today’s competitors. Michigan rock band Taproot enter the matchup with the new track ‘The Everlasting’ off of their latest album, ‘The Episodes,’ which is the band’s follow up to their 2010 effort, ‘Plead the Fifth.’ The band is

Down vs. Stone Sour – Cage Match

Down fans did some serious rallying for a win against Three Days Grace but can Phil Anselmo and the boys win their fifth straight battle and earn entrance into Loudwire’s Cage Match Hall of Fame? Stone Sour enter the Cage Match with their double single ‘Gone Sovereign’ / ‘Absolute Zero’ off of their upcoming record ‘The House of Gold & Bones Part I,’ which is due out Oct. 23, while

Katatonia vs. As I Lay Dying – Death Match

Cheers to Katatonia and their new track ‘Dead Letters,’ for the band has racked up a second Death Match win against death metal legends Nile. Apparently the Red Sea decided not to split for a second time, as Nile drowned in defeat. Katatonia will now face their third opponent, who have nearly made the Death Match Hall of Fame in the past. As I Lay Dying are one of the

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