Tremonti Unveil Startling ‘Wish You Well’ Video

YouTube Tremonti left fans contemplating what was to come with a teaser for the ‘Wish You Well’ video earlier this week and now that the clip has arrived, it is every bit as spooky as you would expect. The video alternates between Tremonti and his band jamming their latest single and a young boy rocking out on his guitar from a rooftop. How the boy got there is what makes the clip interesting, as the video starts with a camera monitoring the boy playing guitar in a near abandoned room. After a few moments a hulking trench-coated man knocks on the door and leads the stunned youth up the stairs to the rooftop. After whispering something to the boy, then gesturing that he play to his surroundings, the man steps away and lets the boy jam. The rest of the clip finds interspersed, quick-cutting images of the man traveling from house to house and his journey to finding the young boy. The end of the video starts almost as it began with the man arriving at the boy’s door and knocking, though this time we see the apartment number 12. Could this be a clue to something bigger? Tremonti did tease a code in his trailer for the new video, but how does the number figure into the coordinates? It remains to be seen, but a press release on the video stated that the lead up to the clip was just a small part of a future design that the guitarist and his band have in store for their fan base. Stay tuned for more from Tremonti, but in the interim catch the ‘Wish You Well’ video below. Watch Tremonti’s ‘Wish You Well’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Tremonti Reveals 2013 U.S. Tour Dates” align=”center”]

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Tremonti Unveil Startling ‘Wish You Well’ Video

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