Kid Rock Slams ‘Hater’ Palm Beach Music Critic After Poor Review

Leon Halip, Getty Images Everyone’s a critic, but some are a little more harsh than others. Still, that doesn’t mean an artist has to sit back and take it and Kid Rock had a few notes after receiving a fairly poor review of his Palm Beach show Dec. 30. The review, which ran in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times , began with sub-heading “Better Than: ‘Jock James: Volume 5′ before launching into a particularly harsh review that opened with, “It has been said that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. However, while someone like Dave Grohl feeds his children by disproving the aforementioned statement, Kid Rock has managed to spin a career out of what boils down to on-stage vivisections of the term.” While the writer offered up some objectivity, stating that Rock high-energy performance was professional and that his band consisted of top caliber players, he also commented, “Kid Rock’s songs simply are not very good.” He added, “The curious thing is that, despite it being fairly common knowledge that Kid Rock totally sucks, there was a full audience — with a minimum ticket price in the range of $60.” In response, Rock provided his own critique of the poor review. In a posting at his website , he called the critic “the biggest hater, jackass, miserable p—- critic on Earth.” He went on to add, “He is such a miserable p—- it makes me laugh to read how much he or she hates me, but has to admit everyone had a blast! He probably really enjoys Radiohead shows!! Haha. I bet if you ask anyone who was at the show, a good time was had by all!” Rock also added, “Happy New Year to all, and yes, ‘Let’s get s— faced!’ (I know this critic fails to believe that’s what most folks do on New Years!! IDIOT!). Hahaha. He is exactly the type of a–hole me and Sean Penn were making fun of in ‘ Americans .’” [button href=”” title=”Next: Kid Rock Announces 2013 ‘Rebel Soul’ Tour” align=”center”]

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Kid Rock Slams ‘Hater’ Palm Beach Music Critic After Poor Review

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