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Closet Witch

Closet Witch – Self-titled

I’m not gonna do it. I’m not going to spiel about how midwestern hardcore doesn’t get a fair shake and that there’s tons of underappreciated bands out there who can fucking trounce the next big dumb band from the next big dumb city. It’s true, but it’s redundant and (to this writer) it feels like excuse-making. Iowa’s Closet Witch need no such excuse; where they’re from isn’t so much important here. This self-titled debut full-length speaks for itself and can whet the appetites of grind and powerviolence lovin’ lunatics everywhere. This is blazing aggression to the nth degree. It doesn’t take long for listeners to learn to hang on to your hat from opener “Blood Orange.” From the freeze-frame stop at the halfway point to the pummelling benter-than-fuck spazzy “groove” that closes things up, it’s apparent that this isn’t your mother’s cut-and-dry hardcore. Moreso, longer tracks like “Rule By Bacon,” “Lost and Unidentified,” and “Personal Machu Picchu” thread in a welcome waves of atmosphere and melody, functioning as much-needed breathers from the baseline full-tilt cacophony. These tasteful detours become especially evocative, dragging things down tempo-wise and folding in a healthy dose of flavor and character while exhibiting the group’s impressive range. It’s really hard not to want more of these moments when they hit so hard and work so fucking well, but as it goes, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Still, the album ricochets from maniacally breakneck to pointed, mathy stutters to foot-stomping grooves with utter recklessness. Technically, it’s tumultuous and executed with a devious skill that brings to mind the compartmentalized chaos of less-melodic The Dillinger Escape Plan material. For as disorienting as the first few listens may be, subsequent spins become riddled with those magical mathy moments that you’ll learn to love (check the shifty “Brother” or the angular “It Doesn’t Feel Free”). “Eyelids of Horus” is a galloping Converge style blazer replete with fire alarm bell accents and a snare thrashing that’ll keep Iowa’s music shops in business. As busy or dizzying as the album is, there’s a lean nature to the whole thing. There’s a little wiggle room for some straightforward spitfire grind (“Spell of Giddiness”) and even a classic hardcore tumble (“Daylillies”). The four-piece approach makes things a little easier to decode, too, but the way they assemble and piece apart the core elements in their sound (grind, powerviolence, mathcore, hardcore, et al.) serves as a key to processing the method behind the madness. Like any quality powerviolence act, Closet Witch are simultaneously biting, empowering, and cathartic. Lyrically covering political big-picture topics like feminism, class warfare, identity, and also digging into some more introspective themes, Mollie Piatetsky regularly cuts to the bone, yet she refrains from getting bogged down in a spite-fest. Her delivery is unchained, howling with a tirelessness and purpose that’s equal parts intimidating energy and rhythmically earworming. Her style helps dictate much of the record’s flow and gives a little boost in each track. She’s rock fucking solid throughout the album, but should her repertoire broaden… look out. I have no clue if this was recorded live or individually tracked, but there’s something so inextricably natural about this, where that “live feel” is spot the fuck on in lieu of a more polished “album feel.” Sequencing takes things a step further, breaking down this album into a pseudo set that is dynamic and well-paced. Needless to say, it’s ideal for their style. It highlights the spirit, intensity, and the exciting nature of aggressive music in a live setting, but also a charisma, personality, and interplay of the musicians. Other bands can be loud or tear up your eardrums with 20 minutes of senseless disarray, but it frequently comes off in exercise. Here, it’s alive, embedded in each track. You can almost feel the heat, smell the sweat, and tap into that magnetic sixth sense that lets you know there’s a body flying your way. As far as debuts go, there’s little to nitpick; they seem to have cut their teeth on their EPs and were primed for a bigger statement. There’s no doubt the heart-on-the-sleeve, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps ethos is alive and well here, and really, this kind of authenticity is difficult to develop, so it’s hard to imagine that Closet Witch are going away anytime soon – good news for us. … Closet Witch is out June 12th on Halo of Flies , SassBologna, Jems, Circus of the Macabre, Don’t CAre, React With Protest. The post Closet Witch – Self-titled appeared first on Heavy Blog Is Heavy .

Kid Rock Slams ‘Hater’ Palm Beach Music Critic After Poor Review

Leon Halip, Getty Images Everyone’s a critic, but some are a little more harsh than others. Still, that doesn’t mean an artist has to sit back and take it and Kid Rock had a few notes after receiving a fairly poor review of his Palm Beach show Dec. 30. The review, which ran in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times , began with sub-heading “Better Than: ‘Jock James: Volume 5′ before launching into a particularly harsh review that opened with, “It has been said that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. However, while someone like Dave Grohl feeds his children by disproving the aforementioned statement, Kid Rock has managed to spin a career out of what boils down to on-stage vivisections of the term.” While the writer offered up some objectivity, stating that Rock high-energy performance was professional and that his band consisted of top caliber players, he also commented, “Kid Rock’s songs simply are not very good.” He added, “The curious thing is that, despite it being fairly common knowledge that Kid Rock totally sucks, there was a full audience — with a minimum ticket price in the range of $60.” In response, Rock provided his own critique of the poor review. In a posting at his website , he called the critic “the biggest hater, jackass, miserable p—- critic on Earth.” He went on to add, “He is such a miserable p—- it makes me laugh to read how much he or she hates me, but has to admit everyone had a blast! He probably really enjoys Radiohead shows!! Haha. I bet if you ask anyone who was at the show, a good time was had by all!” Rock also added, “Happy New Year to all, and yes, ‘Let’s get s— faced!’ (I know this critic fails to believe that’s what most folks do on New Years!! IDIOT!). Hahaha. He is exactly the type of a–hole me and Sean Penn were making fun of in ‘ Americans .’” [button href=”” title=”Next: Kid Rock Announces 2013 ‘Rebel Soul’ Tour” align=”center”]

Dethklok Epiphone Guitar Giveaway!

Epiphone / Adrenaline PR Everyone’s favorite animated metal band, Dethklok , are back with their latest disc, ‘Dethalbum III,’ as well as an upcoming tour with Machine Head, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder. To celebrate, the band is teaming with Loudwire to give away an Epiphone electric guitar! Dethklok are the band that appears in the animated Adult Swim show ‘Metalocalypse,’ the brainchild of Brendon Small, who also fronts Dethklok for its recordings and live shows. Small is joined in the lineup by drummer Gene Hoglan, bassist Bryan Beller and touring guitarist Mike Keneally. In Loudwire’s  review of the band’s new disc, ‘Dethalbum III,’ our writer states, “Strip away the funny and fantastical elements of the ‘Metalocalypse’ cartoon and listen to the music of ‘Dethalbum III,’ and it’ll become painfully obvious why metalheads love the show, the band and Small.” If you wanna see what Dethklok are all about, check out the video for the ‘Dethalbum III’ track ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ below. The album is available for purchase here , while an itinerary and ticket links for Dethklok’s upcoming trek with Machine Head, All That Remains and the Black Dahlia Murder can be found here . And for more on Dethklok, including audio streams and videos, visit this location . So, to get your hands on a Gibson Epiphone “1958″ Korina Explorer  courtesy of Dethklok and Loudwire, enter your email in the form below for a chance to win. This contest ends Nov. 23, 2012. Dethklok Epiphone Guitar Giveaway Enter your e-mail address for a chance to win a Gibson Epiphone “1958” Korina Explorer courtesy of Dethklok and Loudwire. Contest ends Nov. 23, 2012. Click here for official rules . By entering this contest, you will receive email newsletters from Loudwire and will be added to the Dethklok mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time. Email Dethklok, ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ [NSFW]

Dave Grohl: ‘If It Weren’t for the Beatles, I Would Not Be a Musician’

A new Beatles compilation ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ was released today (July 24) exclusively on iTunes, and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has written a letter in the digital liner notes of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ describing the impact the group’s music had on him. The 14 song collection includes what is described as the band’s ‘most powerful rock songs’ such as ‘Revolution,’ ‘Paperback Writer,’ ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘Back In the USSR.’ A