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Machine Head to Rejoin Dethklok Tour Following Robb Flynn’s Surgery

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire They say music comes from the soul, but we’re not sure what part of Robb Flynn ‘s aching, recuperating body that his determination comes from. The Machine Head vocalist is making good on his promise to rejoin the band’s trek with  Dethklok ,  All That Remains  and Black Dahlia Murder  before its conclusion, revealing they’ll be back on the bill as of this Saturday (Nov. 24) in Portland, Ore. Flynn recently had emergency surgery to deal with a hernia, and missing dates is not something that Machine Head are accustomed to. The group bowed out of the trek and missed a total of nine dates while the singer recovered. Since the need for the surgery happened while the band was on tour, Flynn initially spent part of the recovery process in a hotel room. He documented the aftermath of the surgery in a pair of video diaries that he shared with fans. The singer recently arrived back in the Bay Area where he was able to spend the last few days recuperating at home with his family. Flynn says the experience “totally sucked balls,” but that he is “feeling stronger now, especially after a heavy listening schedule of Accept’s ‘Balls to the Wall,’ AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls’.” He adds, “Hell, I even found time to record a cover of Soulfly’s ‘Eye for an Eye,’ with the lyrics changed to ‘Guts in the Nuts.’ Guts in da nuuuuuuts, guts in da nuts, in da nuts, in da nuts.’” For the remaining dates on the Dethklok-Machine Head-All That Remains-Black Dahlia Murder trek, be sure to click here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Machine Head – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Machine Head Exit Current Tour as Frontman Robb Flynn Undergoes Emergency Surgery Machine Head are having to exit their current tour, at least temporarily, as singer Robb Flynn  undergoes emergency surgery to deal with a double inguinal hernia that has become the source of tremendous pain for the frontman. The band was out on tour in support of their ‘ Machine F—ing Head ‘ double live album, and were touring alongside Dethklok , All That Remains  and Black Dahlia Murder on the run. But this evening (Nov. 13), the group informed fans that it would miss nine shows on the trek as Flynn recovers from a planned surgery on Wednesday (Nov. 14.). Machine Head released a statement via their website on the matter which read: Machine Head must exit their current North American tour with Dethklok, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder due to matters completely beyond their control. Frontman Robb Flynn must have emergency surgery. Flynn had planned to go under the knife in January after completing the tour as he has been playing through the pain of a double inguinal hernia since the tour started in October. He had hoped to continue the tour despite extreme discomfort, but it’s become too difficult to continue on. Flynn will undergo surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 14 in Minneapolis before returning home to California to recover, rest and recuperate. Machine Head will rejoin the tour in Portland, OR. Machine Head extends its regrets to fans, the other bands, and the other crews for having to leave the tour prematurely. Flynn also offered a statement of his own on the matter: I’ve been toughing out an inguinal hernia below my waistline since June of last year, and a few months ago got a second hernia in my nuts. What basically happens is my guts drop into my nuts, and it looks like I have a third testicle (man, I can hear the jokes already!) It hasn’t been that painful, and I’ve gone to the doctor a few times to take care of it, but he said after surgery I probably couldn’t sing for a few weeks, and since that wasn’t going to happen, I scheduled it for January when I had a break. Unfortunately, after the last few shows, my guts have been very swollen and hard to push back in. Yesterday, the pain was excruciating and I went to the emergency room last night. They said that I need surgery. I will be doing my damnedest to rejoin the tour in a couple weeks. Thanks to all the fans, bands, and crew for understanding. I’m determined to see you all soon and finish what has been a great freakin tour! The tour is scheduled to run through Dec. 8 in Atlanta. [button href=”” title=”Next: See the Remaining Tour Dates on the Dethklok Trek” align=”center”]

Dethklok’s ‘Dethalbum III’ Lands in Top 10 of Billboard 200 Chart

Cartoon Network Dethklok , the stars of the animated series ‘Metalocalypse’, find their latest release ‘Dethalbum III’ debuting at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 chart with roughly 20,000 units sold. It also hit the No. 1 slot on the Hard Music Albums chart. This was Dethklok’s highest chart debut to-date, and the band’s real life voice and creator Brendon Small is grateful. “Thanks to the fans for actually buying music in a world where they don’t have to.” Loudwire’s review of ‘Dethalbum III’ says it “is able to take a super serious (and often gore-slathered) genre like death metal and make it ‘deth metal.’ That is, it fuses skilled playing with a sense of humor, which is often not the case in the genre’s offerings.” Dethklok will be kicking off a North American headline tour with Machine Head , All That Remains and the Black Dahlia Murder on Tuesday, Oct. 30. When discussing the upcoming tour, Small said, “Dethklok are excited to be a part of the best tour of 2012. We spared no expense on production for the tour. We are unleashing tons of new animation, new comedy, and new sketches and are very excited to play many new songs and can’t wait for new people to see our show. I’ll be honest, I don’t know when we will be able to pull off anything this massive again, so don’t miss it.” To celebrate the album and the impending Dethklok tour kickoff, Loudwire, the band and Gibson Guitars are teaming up to give away an Epiphone “1958” Korina Explorer. Enter the contest below. Season 4 of ‘Metalocalypse’ will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray Oct. 30 as the tour launches. All 12 episodes from the show’s fourth season are included along with more than two hours of bonus material, highlighted by the 90 minute feature film ‘Nathan Reads Shakespeare 4: Comedy of Errors.’ [button href=”” title=”Enter the Dethklok Epiphone Guitar Giveaway” align=”center”]

Dethklok Epiphone Guitar Giveaway!

Epiphone / Adrenaline PR Everyone’s favorite animated metal band, Dethklok , are back with their latest disc, ‘Dethalbum III,’ as well as an upcoming tour with Machine Head, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder. To celebrate, the band is teaming with Loudwire to give away an Epiphone electric guitar! Dethklok are the band that appears in the animated Adult Swim show ‘Metalocalypse,’ the brainchild of Brendon Small, who also fronts Dethklok for its recordings and live shows. Small is joined in the lineup by drummer Gene Hoglan, bassist Bryan Beller and touring guitarist Mike Keneally. In Loudwire’s  review of the band’s new disc, ‘Dethalbum III,’ our writer states, “Strip away the funny and fantastical elements of the ‘Metalocalypse’ cartoon and listen to the music of ‘Dethalbum III,’ and it’ll become painfully obvious why metalheads love the show, the band and Small.” If you wanna see what Dethklok are all about, check out the video for the ‘Dethalbum III’ track ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ below. The album is available for purchase here , while an itinerary and ticket links for Dethklok’s upcoming trek with Machine Head, All That Remains and the Black Dahlia Murder can be found here . And for more on Dethklok, including audio streams and videos, visit this location . So, to get your hands on a Gibson Epiphone “1958″ Korina Explorer  courtesy of Dethklok and Loudwire, enter your email in the form below for a chance to win. This contest ends Nov. 23, 2012. Dethklok Epiphone Guitar Giveaway Enter your e-mail address for a chance to win a Gibson Epiphone “1958” Korina Explorer courtesy of Dethklok and Loudwire. Contest ends Nov. 23, 2012. Click here for official rules . By entering this contest, you will receive email newsletters from Loudwire and will be added to the Dethklok mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time. Email Dethklok, ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ [NSFW]

Machine Head Guitarist Phil Demmel Talks Upcoming Tour With Dethklok + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. He spoke all about his enthusiasm for the band’s upcoming tour with Dethklok, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder, as well as the band’s very successful album ‘Unto the Locust’ and why Machine Head isn’t sticking to a specific timeline for the next album. If you missed Jackie’s show, read the full interview with Phil Demmel below: First and foremost, I saw Phil randomly in Las Vegas recently and as it turns out we should congratulate Phil who is now married. So, congratulations! Thank you very much, yeah we bumped into each other in the lobby and you were there for the convention and I was there I actually jammed out with Steel Panther that weekend. Yeah we got it done – kind of impromptu but yeah I married the love of my life. [Note: Demmel recently  married Bleeding Through’s Marta Peterson.] That’s the way to do it too, there’s no planning and craziness. Anybody who I’ve known who’s gotten married and gone throw all that it seems like exhausting all the picking things and who to put at what table. You guys did it right, congratualtions. Yeah we had both been married previously and we just wanted it to be us, so we’re selfish and that’s what we did. [Laughs] Machine Head is part of the North American tour with Dethklok that was announced recently, also All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder. It’s starting at the end of October, what a great line-up. Are you excited about being on tour with Dethklok? Had you seen Dethklok before? You know I’ve seen bits and pieces of the cartoon and not really all too familiar with it but I know that it’s a whole different demographic that’s coming to a Machine Head show and touring with bands like All That Remains and Black Dahlia it’s such a diverse group and such a cool, eclectic bill. I’m looking forward to touring with all of the bands, I think it’ll be great. Phil, now that you’ve got the distance of a whole year since it was released what’s changed about what you like about your last record ‘Unto the Locust.’ The record is my favorite Machine Head record, I’ll revisit every once in a while and I’ll get stuck on a tune that really grabs me but the constant has been ‘Darkness Within’ we’re kind of working on doing a radio push for the song and we did a video for it – kind of a real f—ed up video, it’s only available on YouTube [ after debuting on Loudwire ]. Yeah, it’s been a year – kind of crazy but Machine Head records have that steady lock, we’re not in a rush, we milk them out as long as we can. You’ve played with Rob Flynn for something like 30 years, going back to Vio-Lence in the ’80s, what aspects of those earlier years together still come into play as the foundation of Machine Head in 2012 and beyond? I think in the previous band we played together, there was a different dynamic in the fact that, that was my band – I was the main song writer for that band and he kind of came in as this new part of that. So that dynamic has been 180 where that’s my role in Machine Head now but still kind of geeking out on guitarists and learning stuff and playing stuff together. We still have that real symmetry when we get together and our harmonies – we know when each other’s going to go somewhere and we just have that really weird connection so that’s been the constant through our playing together. We’re men now, we have children [Laughs] it’s been 25 years but that’s been the one constant. What are your preparations for such a rigorous tour schedule having been diagnosed with Cardiogenic Syncope. It’s been a while since my last episode on the road. I was dealing with the death of my father in 2007 and went on the Mayhem tour and then a tour with Hellyeah directly after that so hanging out with Vinnie Paul [Laughs] wasn’t the most sobering of tours for sure. It’s really easy to do being a touring musician, especially in a metal band, it’s around you every night, it’s easy to fall into that – just getting drunk every night and self medicating and just numbing down feelings that you should be processing at some point. We were on the Mayhem tour and I had an episode and I decided to stop drinking and that’s when all these feelings I had been numbing down, all these emotions came to me and it coincides with the condition that I have and it really affected me. I was having these pass outs sometimes half a dozen in a day, I wouldn’t tell the band about them, it happened on stage a couple times and we had to pull off the Slipknot European tour at the very end. It was just time for me to clear my had with a lot of these issues and going through depression, it was just a process I had to go through. It’s been gone through – I think in ’09 it was the last episode I had onstage. It helps being with the girl that I am who keeps me really grounded and helps me. [Laughs] The last time I saw Dethklok, you guys played that day too – Dethklok played that first Mayhem date in San Bernadino not this past Mayhem but the Mayhem before. I think it’s going to be an awesome crowd between fans of the two bands and even the openers as well. I think it’s going to be a diverse group of metal fans that are all going to be coming together. Are you looking forward to bringing in a different crowd? Absolutely, it’s the main reason Machine Head is doing this tour – all the different bands that are on here to reach the people that wouldn’t normally come to a Machine Head show. I didn’t get a chance to see them at that Mayhem date, I had my son and my now wife with me and had to drive them back home after we played. I’m looking forward to seeing those guys who are crazy good musicians and the All That Remains guys are awesome guitar players and Black Dahlia too. The musicianship on this tour is going to be crazy good. Phil, the last three albums from Machine Head have been separated by four years time, does that mean that there won’t be a new Machine Head album until 2015 or are new ideas already being developed? I think that Robb is putting some stuff together, I have a couple ideas and maybe [drummer Dave] McClain has been working on some stuff too. The reason for the last one taking so long was that we got offered all these crazy tours. We thought we were about to wind it down and then Slipknot said, “Hey come on, let’s tour the world” and then Metallica comes around and says “Hey let’s go tour all over the place” you can’t say no to the biggest metal bands in the world. We don’t know what’s going to happen, we didn’t plan it that way, we’re not planning to have that big of a space between these but if the big bands come around again and want us to go we’re definitely going to go. We have an idea to kind of fill the gap but I don’t think I can really talk about how that’s going to be but we’ve got something in the works that might fill the gap. I’m going to be as vague and vanilla as I can. There will be something coming up pretty soon that’s going to make that happen. We want to keep it fresh, we want to keep the ball rolling and all the momentum that we have with ‘Locust’ going. I don’t think it’s going to be that long in between. You guys take your time, I think that sometimes bands make a mistake of sticking to some sort of timeline and some promise of dates or whatever and I guess you can’t really control creativity or when it’s going to come or how long it’s going to take. Props to your guys for doing it on your own terms, for when you felt ready. Yeah that’s exactly how we operate too, it amazes me how these bands go “Oh yeah we’ve got like 25, 30 songs that we’ve written in six months” and it’s like oh geez – granted a Machine Head tune is sometimes between 8 to 10 minutes long but that’s just how we operate. We’re comfortable in just letting the song simmer and letting the album just kind of cook and when it’s ready then it’s time to go. It’s nice having that opportunity and luxury to do. If we didn’t have that we might be putting out less quality records in a shorter amount of time. Full Metal Jackie will welcome David Vincent of Morbid Angel on her next show. Full Metal Jackie can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to .

Dethklok Fight Off Evil Androids in ‘The Galaxy’ Music Video

Williams Street Dethklok are back and they’re coming to kill you … but they’ll probably wait until after their third full length album, ‘Dethalbum III,’ comes out. Before you go out and buy ‘Dethalbum III,’ do yourself a pre-demise favor and check out the band’s new video for ‘The Galaxy.’ Dethklok told the story of an Egyptian pharaoh with a flaming ding-a-ling in their ‘ I Ejaculate Fire ‘ video, but in the new clip for ‘The Galaxy,’ vocalist Nathan Explosion has been taken capture by evil space robots and chained inside their death metal-hating space ship. Determined to save their singer, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface, Pickles and Skwisgaar Skwigelf fly their own ship through the stars, ready to intercept Nathan Explosion from the menacing androids. Suddenly, the band’s spaceship is attacked by hoards of enemy drones! To fight off the impending ambush by doing what they do best; playing some brain-melting metal. Dethklok plug their instruments into the ship’s defense systems and battle their enemies by shredding and blasting them away. But what happens to the captured Nathan Explosion? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Dethklok are set to blast off on a headlining fall North American tour with Machine Head , All Shall Perish and the Black Dahlia Murder . Dethklok, ‘The Galaxy’ [button href=”” title=”Dethklok Mastermind Brendon Small Talks ‘Metalocalypse'” align=”center”]

Dethklok Hit Fans in the Face With Brand-New Track ‘I Ejaculate Fire’

Everyone’s favorite cartoon death metal band, Dethklok, are on the verge of releasing their third album, ‘Dethalbum III,’ but fans must wait in purgatory no more, as a piece of the upcoming record has been officially released. ‘Dethalbum III’ is scheduled for an Oct. 16 release, but the brilliantly titled ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ is now available for your listening pleasure. ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ is not a departure or progression for

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