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Dead Sara vs. Call Me No One – Cage Match

Dead Sara continue on the road to victory after beating out Kyng in the last Cage Match; will they be able to do it again? Call Me No One shake things up with their latest single ‘Thunderbird’ off of their debut album, ‘Last Parade.’ The band, which is made up of Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose and guitarist Clint Lowery, recently wrapped a a handful of dates but they’re bound to

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on Passing Out in Dallas: ‘I Basically Blacked Out’

Slipknot expend a lot of energy onstage, and earlier this summer it got the better of singer Corey Taylor, who passed out from heat exhaustion at the end of their performance. Taylor tells Fuse that he’s still not exactly sure what happened. He explains, “I basically blacked out for the last two songs, but I finished the show. I have no memory of the last two songs. I woke up

Motley Crue vs. Fozzy – Cage Match

Motley Crue continue to overtake the competition as they beat out KISS in the last Cage Match, but can they do it again against today’s challengers? Fozzy, led by frontman Chris Jericho, take the matchup by storm with their brand new single ‘Sandpaper’ which features guest vocals by Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows. The new tune is off of Fozzy’s upcoming album ‘Sin and Bones,’ which is due out Aug. 14. The

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