Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker Saluted with Candlelight Vigil

Century Media Hours after the death of Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker, his friends, family and fans began to organize tributes to the vocalist to honor his memory. In Huntington Beach, Calif., where Lucker perished on his motorcycle, fans and some of his family members gathered for a candlelight vigil at the light pole that the singer hit. Among those in attendance were Lucker’s wife Jolie and his five-year-old daughter Kendalee. Meanwhile, back in Riverside, Calif., where Lucker grew up, family members gathered to celebrate his life. According to reports, Lucker was riding his 2013 Harley-Davidson on Main Street Wednesday night when he hit a light pole near the intersection of 13th street. After impact, the motorcycle continued to slide south and struck a pickup truck coming the opposite direction. The frontman was seriously injured and treated by paramedics before passing away at 6:00AM the following morning. According to Blabbermouth , the singer’s wife, Jolie Carmadella, said that the singer had made the decision to drink and ride. She explained that she didn’t know why he left home Wednesday night and didn’t know where he was going, but she did reveal she found some empty containers at home. When asked what message she had after Lucker’s death, she replied, “Just make the right choice. Don’t hurt your family. Don’t drink and drive.” Sharing his fondness for motorcycles, Lucker told Alternative Press in a recent interview, “The danger in it [attracts me]. Being a frontman in a band, you get addicted to adrenaline rushes. When you’re onstage, there’s not more of a rush. When I get home from touring, I need to find something to match that so I don’t get my adrenaline withdrawals. Being exposed to every element of danger while your sitting on a motor — that, to me, is freedom.” Footage of the Mitch Lucker tributes can be seen in the video clips below. Watch a Report on the Vigil Honoring Mitch Lucker Watch a Video Tribute to Mitch Lucker Watch Mitch Lucker’s Uncle Sharing a Story Watch a Local News Report on Mitch Lucker’s Vigil [button href=”” title=”Next: Suicide Silence Frontman Mitch Lucker Killed in Motorcycle Accident” align=”center”]

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Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker Saluted with Candlelight Vigil

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