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Swedish Rockers Avatar Unleash ‘Freak Show’ in New York City

Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire On Jan. 30, 2013, history was made for the Swedish hard rock band, Avatar . Filling the basement of New York City’s Webster Hall, known as The Studio, Avatar played their first show on US soil since their inception in 2001. Playing a 10-song set, the guys from Sweden set the bar high for their upcoming tour with Sevendust and Lacuna Coil , which kicks off on Feb. 1 in Greenville, S.C. Being their first show in the States, most in attendance weren’t quite sure what to expect. As lead singer Johannes Eckerström came out onstage in a full-leather outfit, including a leather hood, Avatar tore into ‘Let Us Die’ from their latest album, ‘Black Waltz.’ The bar was set for the rest of the night. Blistering rock pummeled The Studio at Webster Hall as Avatar ripped through song after song, leaving no time for anyone to catch their breath. The highlight of the night came with the final song in the set, ‘Smells Like a Freak Show.’ With the video debuting recently on Loudwire , it was easy to see the band was excited to unveil the tune on U.S. soil. The energy onstage bled through to the crowd as fans were singing along and banging their heads to the infectious rhythm. If Avatar’s debut in America is any sign of what’s to come, don’t miss your chance to see the Swedish rockers opening for Sevendust and Lacuna Coil. You won’t be disappointed. Avatar’s latest album, ‘Black Waltz,’ is currently available at iTunes . Avatar Jan. 30, 2012 New York, N.Y. Set List: ‘Let Us Die’ ‘Dying to See You Die’ ‘Torn Apart’ ‘Let It Burn’ ‘Black Waltz’ ‘Napalm’ ‘Paint Me Red’ ‘Ready For the Ride’ ‘Smells Like a Freak Show’ Photos of Avatar at The Studio at Webster Hall Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire

Brian ‘Head’ Welch Streams Love and Death Album, Joins Korn for More European Dates

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch is keeping busy with both his current and former bands. His current group Love and Death return next week with the new album, ‘Between Here & Lost,’ but fans can check the disc out early via a preview stream. Plus, it appears Welch is expanding his temporary reunion with  Korn to include their full run of European dates. As for Love and Death, fans can currently take a listen to the new album at Billboard’s website ahead of its release. The disc has already spawned the singles ‘ The Abandoning ‘ and ‘ I W8 4 U ,’ but the full effort can be heard by clicking the link here . Welch says of the new effort, “It’s night and day in every way — the clarity, the low end, the guitar tones, the drums. My first record, it took massive, massive time in the mixing process to get it to sound as good as it does. But this one sounded like a record on the rough mixes.” As for Korn, it was confirmed in November that Welch would join the group for their gigs at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park in Germany. Now, singer Jonathan Davis also reveals that Welch will stick around for the UK’s Download fest and other European dates. Davis writes: Download has always held a special spot in Korn’s heart. I’ll never forget the year the fans almost tore the tent down on top of the second stage! This year we have Brian “Head” Welch back with us for our European dates – could it get any better? We are looking forward to it! – JD Welch had previously stated that he feels now is the right time to reunite with Korn, and that he’s looking forward to spending time and playing again with his former bandmates. For the full Korn itinerary, see the tour dates below. Korn’s 2013 European Tour 6/4 — Warsaw, Poland — Impact Festival 6/7 — Nurburgring / Eifel, Germany — Rock am Ring 6/8 — Amneville, France — Sonipshere at Snowhall Park 6/9 — Nuremberg, Germany — Rock im Park 6/14 — Donington Park, U.K. — Download Festival 6/16 — Vienna, Austria — Nova Rock Festival 6/17 — Ostrava, Czech Republic — Cez Arena 6/21 — Clisson, France — Hellfest 6/28 — Dessel, Belgium — Graspop 7/6 — Gothenburg, Sweden — Metaltown at Goteborg Galopp [button href=”” title=”Next: Korn’s Munky Optimistic About Permanent ‘Head’ Reunion” align=”center”]

System of a Down Unveil First Tour Dates of 2013

Facebook: System of a Down System of a Down fans have been patient in recent years, with the group spending a lot of time on hiatus pursuing other musical avenues. Though the band has reunited for a series of shows over the past two years, there has been no talk about future albums or dates … until now. System have revealed their first two performances of 2013 , set to take place in August. The band has signed on to play Sweden’s Getaway Rock Festival on Aug. 9 and will also perform at the Frequency Festival in Austria on Aug. 16. Tickets for both events are currently available . At present, it is not known if these shows will lead to an extended run of performances, but the announcement of the two festivals provides a ray of hope. However, expectations should be tempered as the group’s members have other projects in the works for 2013 as well. Singer Serj Tankian released his ‘ Harakiri ‘ solo album last year and also spent time raising funds to perform his ‘ Orca ‘ symphony piece. However, at last check he was still composing a score for the ‘ Morning Star ‘ video game and had music from two side projects — Fuktronic and Jazziz Christ — in the works. Meanwhile, the website of guitarist Daron Malakian ‘s Scars on Broadway  band teases that a new EP and album are coming soon. When pressed about new System of a Down music last year, Tankian told Loudwire , “It’s a good question and the answer is the same — we haven’t made plans of recording the new record as of yet. When we do, everyone will know. We haven’t really discussed another record as of now with any of the guys really. It’s just something that when it’s the right time, we’ll do it.” [button href=”” title=”Next: System of a Down – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

In Flames Frontman Anders Friden Talks Touring, Plans for Next Album + Love of Beer

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire In Flames frontman Anders Friden was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Friden spoke about touring all over the world, plans to write for a new album and his overall fondness for golfing and beer. Read Full Metal Jackie’s full interview with Anders Friden below: How are you? It’s great to see you again. I’m excellent. I’m good, extremely jet-lagged. We came from Japan a few days ago but I’m waking up at like seven in the morning but I’m happy. It must be crazy, your body doesn’t know what time zone that you’re in or if you’re supposed to be sleeping or awake. The thing is, we were in Japan just recently and we were there for two nights and three days and came from Sweden – just as I got adjusted to Japanese time it was time to come over here. So I’m totally f—ed in my head, more than usual. What an amazing place to play though. Yeah, I love being in Japan. I love being here as well, we play pretty much anywhere and enjoy it. What makes In Flames such a good fit on a bill with Hatebreed and Lamb of God, in your opinion? We can play with anyone, we are a metal band and we fit in with everyone. We play anywhere, with everyone – I mean we’ve known those guys for a long time. We all have history together so I think it’s really cool and a very relaxed atmosphere. Last night was the first night and there was no tension, no nothing, it was awesome. In Flames have been on and off the road, you guys have only been to the States twice this year? Yeah, we’ve been pretty busy doing Europe. We’ve been in America twice but we’ve been pretty much touring constantly – we had a month of prior to this but it’s been a busy year. Offstage, what do you think the difference is with your comradery with U.S. bands compared to other European bands? We’ve been to America so many times and we have a lot of friends over here and we have a history with them, as I said and we feel a bond somewhere. I believe we are pretty easygoing as people and hopefully they see that. We don’t pretend like we’re someone else, we are who we are and we let the music talk. You guys are on the road now and everyone’s always wondering about a band’s activities when they travel and when they’re touring. What would you say the most essential non-musical item you must have to have with you while you’re on tour? Beer. [Laughs] Well, beer you got anywhere you go. Well it is music and beer, that’s what it is – that’s my life. When I’m on the road I try to get away and play golf once in a while. I love to play golf, I didn’t bring my clubs this time because I thought the weather would be not as good but I do miss them today. It would have been great to go to a course, a golf course – a part from that just walking around a little bit and looking at the city you’re in, shopping for some vinyls, that’s what me and Niclas [Engelin] did today. It was expensive but fun. [Laughs] It’s funny because for us, you’re buying what’s considered an import for you. Yeah, but in Sweden it’s so expensive. You mentioned you were a golfer, is golfing a big deal in Sweden? I think it is, we’re like 9 million and there are a half million people golfing so I consider that a pretty big thing. I’ve never been to Sweden, I just imagine that it’s cold. Right now it’s extremely cold – it’s below zero I think. It’s nice to be here. Rather than write on the road, In Flames seems to be more interested in enjoying the romance of being on tour, good food, good beer and good company. What about such experiences do you think will affect new music once you’re back home? I highly doubt it will affect music whatsoever – I mean I guess you work better if you’re in a good music, somehow. It’s really hard to say what affects our music because I can’t really say what we have as an influence these days, anymore. When we started out it was like “We want to be like our heroes” and a few albums in – I don’t know anymore. Obviously, you guys are still working off the last record ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading.’ What’s the plan in terms of new music? Do you guys have anything new written or a timeline for when you’re going to go back? I wish we can write on the road but we can’t. We have all the time in the world but I don’t know – too much beer to drink. We’re looking into writing and recording something at the end of the next year, I think. So we’re hoping to have a release 2014 – it seems so far away but it’s not. Full Metal Jackie will welcome the legendary Henry Rollins to her program this coming weekend. She can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to .

Daily Reload: Nirvana, Halestorm + More

Larry Busacca, Getty Images Here’s a look at the top stories of the day on Loudwire and around the Web: – Paul McCartney and Nirvana members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear perform original song ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ at ’12-12-12′ benefit concert. [ Loudwire ] – Lzzy Hale on 2012 Rock Goddess of the Year competition: ‘We’re all voting for each other.” [ Loudwire ] – Former Black Sabbath drummer Bev Bevan voices audiobook for guitarist Tony Iommi’s ‘Iron Man’ audiobook. [ Loudwire ] – Courtney Love slams surviving Nirvana members for their ’12-12-12′ performance with Paul McCartney [ Loudwire ] – Exclusive Premiere: Orgy unveil music video for ‘Grime of the Century.’ [ Loudwire ] – Can’t get enough of the Nuge? Check out this compilation of Ted Nugent ‘s greatest and most ridiculous moments of 2012. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Adam Sandler remakes Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ for ’12-12-12′ Hurricane Sandy concert. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Adele snags Golden Globe nomination for ‘Skyfall’ theme song. [ ] – Ghost to perform special show in Sweden and are currently finishing up on their 2013 album. [ Rock Music Report ]

In Flames Guitarist Bjorn Gelotte Talks Life on the Road, Randy Blythe, Owning a Pub + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire In Flames kicked off the year with a headlining trek with Trivium and Kyng , and they are currently on a major U.S. tour with Lamb of God , Hatebreed and Sylosis . Loudwire recently had the chance to catch up with In Flames guitarist Bjorn Gelotte before the band played New York City’s Roseland Ballroom. Gelotte talked all about his relationship with the bands on the bill, as well as offering his view on Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe ‘s incarceration in the Czech Republic. He also spoke about owning a pub with his bandmate, what In Flames will be up to in 2013 and much more. Describe your relationship with the bands on this bill? Lamb of God is a fantastic band to work with — we’ve toured with them before and all the other guys as well. We didn’t know Sylosis before, I didn’t know them before but they are perfect English gentlemen and they’re really good at what they do and of course Hatebreed [laughs], who doesn’t love Hatebreed? When you heard about Randy Blythe’s arrest, what did you think about this whole situation? I had such a mixed feeling — of course you feel really sad about somebody getting hurt as bad as dying from it, at the same time you know how it is onstage. I highly doubt he did anything in rage; I just think that was a very unfortunate accident. I felt really bad, at the same time I felt like [Blythe] handled it really well — he stood up for it and said, “I’m here, you know where to find me if there’s anything, I won’t hide. If you guys find a case around this I’ll be there,” and that’s a standup thing to do. Whether you crowd surf or not, there’s always a possibility of getting injured at metal shows … It’s sometimes surprising that it doesn’t happen more often. I’ve seen some really crazy pits, circle pits and it could get really violent. Most of the time I think people in the pits try to take care of each other – if somebody falls down they try to pick them up and seem friendly about it. It’s a weird thing – you would never find me in a circle pit or mosh pit. Does the experience of what Randy went through affect the way you perform onstage or your mindset of what a fan might do when you are onstage? No. We’re really aware of the audience and we try obviously to spur them to stage dive, well maybe not stage dive but to crowd surf and run around a bit. At the same time we have big confidence in the security working because they’re not there to save us from the fans, they’re there to save the fans – maybe from each other sometimes but they’re actually doing a really good job. It’s a lot of big men taking care of small kids, it’s really funny sometimes — they just carry them up with one arm. ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ is only a year and a half old, but has there been any progress on material for a new album? Not really. I know it sounds weird but being on tour, it’s not very inspirational. It’s a great forum to talk about music, it’s a forum to meet other musicians but to create it’s not — it’s also very impractical. It’s a bunch of gear that you need, the right software to work and I’m just like “F— it, I’ll just wait until I get back home.” I have a studio at home so I just push the power button and I’m rolling. What do you usually find inspiration from, when creating music? I don’t look for a theme or story or anything, I just go with whatever melodies seems to be bouncing around in this empty head of mind — melodies and riffs and when you just warm up or noodle around, ideas come up. Throughout this year, what has been the funniest moment on tour or the funniest thing a fan has said to you? We hear all sorts of s—t. [Laughs] One funny moment was on this tour actually. I came into the dressing room in San Antonio and I saw this big stuffed bear in the dressing room and at that moment I knew how this tour was going to be. Sure enough, the bear ended up on the bus and stays with us. Where did the bear come from and where is it now? It’s still here – he was a hazard being up in the front lounge so we had to have him in the merch trailer but he’s all dressed up and nice. He joins us for walks and stuff, it’s funny if you’re on the road. What are your touring plans for 2013? We have lots of plans actually, there’s going to be a lot of touring – hopefully coming back over here, fairly soon, right after New Year’s. We’re doing the 70,000 tons of metal Caribbean Cruise thingy – weather wise it should be fantastic but I don’t know about the stage conditions and all that. We’ll try to link that to some more touring. We, of course, have the summer festival season coming up and we’re going to try to hit a lot of festivals – nothing really confirmed yet. Most of that will be confirmed by a month or two. [Editor’s note: Shortly after the interview, In Flames did in fact confirm a 2013 U.S. tour with Demon Hunter, All Shall Perish and Battlecross.] You and your bandmate, bassist Peter Iwers, have a restaurant in Sweden 2112, how is that venture going? It’s great, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of different things to think about. We’ve been talking about it for years — he wanted a restaurant , I wanted a bar. I like beer, he likes food. It was hard in the beginning to mix the two because it was really fine dining, great menus, a fantastic chef but now we’ve tried to relax it a little bit, so it’s not that white table cloth setting. It’s more like burgers and beer which works really good with the rock, metal attitude – for grownups. Would you ever think about bringing it to the States? I would love to, that’s a whole different ball game. We’re really strict in Sweden when it comes to alcohol and there’s a lot of bulls—t you have to deal with in order to get the license. I have no idea whatsoever how to get a liquor license here but that’s probably in the future. Have you learned any cooking techniques from being in the restaurant / bar business? Yes, to make an awesome coleslaw for instance. It’s not as easy as you think. I’ve learned to not be afraid to try out things – it’s not science, it’s very much feeling when you season food and the right temperatures and everything. When you see the [workers in the kitchen] they have a stove on all day and it’s really inspiring to see them cooking for 50 people and they do it in no time. I haven’t been in the kitchen working – I’ve just seen them and it’s like, “Okay I’ll stay in the bar,” and I’m not even working there, I’m on the outside of the bar drinking beers – one of the perks of being the owner. [button href=”” title=”Check Out Photos of In Flames Performing in New York City” align=”center”]

King Diamond Signs New Deal With Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records It has been more than five years since the last King Diamond studio album, and now the legendary vocalist has announced he has signed a new three-album deal with Metal Blade Records. “This is gonna be awesome! Another perfect piece of the puzzle. We have the full backup of Metal Blade, and there’s an understanding between us that goes much, much deeper than before,” says King Diamond. “Our new business setup will noticeably benefit the fans in so many ways. You must have already noticed some of all the cool new stuff that is happening. Now we can’t wait to get out there and start touring again!” After having a triple bypass in 2010, King is fully recovered, feeling better than ever and ready to get back to making music. The band made a triumphant return to the stage this year at the Hellfest festival in France and the Sweden Rock festival. In addition to King, the lineup includes Andy La Rocque (guitar/keyboards), Mike Wead (guitar), Hal Patino (bass) and Matt Thompson (drums). If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that King Diamond fan in your life, the band recently unveiled a line of holiday merchandise . You can sport a ‘No Presents for Christmas’ hoodie, or buy some King Diamond Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. Watch King Diamond – ‘No Presents For Christmas’ Live Video