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Godsmack’s Sully Erna Revisits Poker Passion

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Godsmack ‘s planned year-long break in the schedule is not only giving frontman Sully Erna a chance to pursue his solo career, but he’s also taking the time to revive one of his other passions — poker. The musician tells ESPN that after stepping away from the card game for a few years, he’s gotten the itch to compete in poker tournaments again. In 2006 and 2007, Erna took part in the World Series of Poker competitions, winning $17,730 his first year and banking another $45,422 the following year. Then he took home $307,325 in the 2007 Five-Diamond World Poker Classic. But Erna says that his mindset wasn’t right to keep it up. He explains, “I was finding that I was very impatient and playing crappy hands. I was losing patience every time I was playing. I had to take a break. [But] I’m making a comeback! I’ve studied the game. I’m getting the itch to play poker again. In fact, I’m in Los Angeles today and I’ll be playing tonight. I need to shake the rust off. I’m ready to go deep and win a lot of money!” Erna says he felt the timing was right to pick up poker again. “I’ve been bouncing around testing out my game,” says the vocalist. “That’s why many of my venues for the solo shows are in casinos. I love that environment. It works to my advantage, also it’s a transient audience. I can’t wait.” Sully has booked a solo tour later this spring, promoting both his ‘Avalon’ solo disc and the works of Godsmack. Check out the tour dates here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Favorite Godsmack Song – Readers Poll” align=”center”]

Six Feet Under Announce New Album ‘Unborn,’ Unleash Lyric Video for ‘Zombie Blood Curse’

Metal Blade Records Florida’s legendary death metal merchants  Six Feet Under will unleash their tenth studio album, ‘Unborn,’ on March 19 via Metal Blade Records. A lyric video for the song ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ is now available, as well (watch below). Released less than a year after 2012′s ‘Undead,’ ‘Unborn’ will be the band’s first album featuring guitarist Ola Englund and bassist Jeff Hughell. It’s the second SFU under album for drummer Kevin Talley. Vocalist Chris Barnes once again brought in some guest songwriters for the new album. “The journey to create, write, and record ‘Undead’ and ‘Unborn’ has been the most challenging and exciting musical endeavor and process I have ever been involved with,” says Barnes. “Working with all these amazing writers and musicians like Ben Savage (Whitechapel) on songs like ‘Neuro Osmosis’ and ‘Fragment’ are some of the most dynamic, beautiful, and brutal songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting lyrics to. I believe Ben is a true innovator of the death metal genre.” Barnes continues, ”It was also a lot of fun working Jari Laine from Torture Killer again. We wrote a great album together a few years back called ‘Swarm!’ – one of my favorite releases I’ve been involved with – and Jari is someone who I have really wanted to work with again ever since. I wanted to revisit collaborating with Jari because of how well we work together; proof of that on ‘Unborn’ are the hook heavy sounds of songs like ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ and ‘Incision’.” ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ is vintage Six Feet Under, a mid-tempo behemoth that slows down to a skull-crushing pace midway through before picking back up. And since its not always easy to make out Barnes’ death metal growls, a lyric video is perfect for Six Feet Under. Check it out below: Watch Six Feet Under – ‘Zombie Blood Curse’ Lyric Video

The Offspring and Dead Sara’s Emily Armstrong Team Up for Performance of ‘Gone Away’

YouTube In late 2012, the  Offspring toured with Dead Sara . During the Offpsring’s set, Emily Armstrong from Dead Sara would join the band for a stripped down version of ‘Gone Away.’ A video of an October performance of the song at a show at the Hollywood Palladium, as well as footage of the pair recording a studio version of the song, has been released (watch below). “When we started building our own set list, I realized the stripped-down version of ‘Gone Away,’ which we’ve been doing for a few years, would fit Emily’s voice really well,” Offspring singer Dexter Holland tells Rolling Stone . “It turned out to be a special moment in the show each night.” ‘Gone Away,’ off the album ‘Ixnay on the Hombre,’ recently made our list of the  10 Best Offspring Songs . A new version was re-recorded by the band and Armstrong with help from producer Bob Rock. The Offspring released their ninth album ‘ Days Go By ‘ last June. They are set to play the 2013 Soundwave Festival in Australia. They will play Feb. 23 in Brisbane, with shows to follow in Sydney (Feb. 24), Melbourne (March 1), Adelaide (March 2), and Perth (March 4). They will also play a few dates in Australia after the festival wraps up. Dead Sara will continue opening for high profile acts in 2013. They are slated to open for Muse on their North American tour that kicks off Feb. 22. Armstrong is excited about the trek . “We never thought in a million years it would happen like this. We will learn so much watching them every night – we are extremely excited!! 2013 is looking great!” Watch The Offspring and Dead Sara’s Emily Armstrong Perform ‘Gone Away’ [button href=”” title=”10 Best Offspring Songs” align=”center”]

Nickelback’s ‘Photograph’ Turned Into Instagram Song Parody

Isaac Brekken, Getty Images Nickelback ‘s ‘Photograph’ was everywhere you turned a few years back, much like the Instagram photos that you happen to see posted across just about every social networking platform you can find today. So it makes perfect sense that ‘Photograph’ and Instagram are lumped together to create a new song parody. College Humor is behind the new song and video, ‘Look at This Instagram,’ which mocks the inane objects that people attempt to photograph using the filtered option on the camera phones. While the song takes a jab at the Instagram craze, Nickelback doesn’t exactly get off the hook either. Yes the lyrics are altered to fit the message, but the vocals are where the band gets knocked a bit. It’s obvious that the male and female leads of the clip have had their vocals manipulated to achieve the Chad Kroeger -like sound. So click play and watch as College Humor takes down two notable targets in one fell swoop with the ‘Look at This Instagram’ parody video. Watch the ‘Look at This Instagram’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: Chad Kroeger Discusses Avril Lavigne Engagement” align=”center”]

Trent Reznor Reveals Queens of the Stone Age Collaboration During Online Chat

Mary Ouellette, Musical mastermind Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels recently took part in an open Q&A session on Reznor participated in an ‘AMA’ session, which means, “Ask Me Anything.” With no barriers in place, fans submitted a mass of questions, which led to some insightful revelations from Reznor, including news that he has been helping out Josh Homme with a new Queens of the Stone Age song. Check out some of the Reddit conversations between Trent Reznor and his fans: AmeliaLaChida: Aside from destroy angel’s new EP, what’s next for you? A number of things. Tweaking some things for the HTDA full LP (coming in Spring), helping Josh out on a new QOTSA track, working with Roy, starting rehearsals for two bands. toastercookie: Could you talk a little bit about how involved you were with the lighting setups for your NIN shows?I went to Lights in the Sky in 2008 and I have to say it was the best lighting / visual setup that I’ve ever seen at a concert. How does that all come together? Do you plan out the setlists and then sync up specific lighting sequences to the songs beforehand or is it a bit more of a live, fluid process? I would kill to see NIN again, what a great show. Thank you. I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how music is presented live. Lights in the Sky was probably my favorite live show I’ve worked on so far. This was a real collaboration between myself, Rob, Roy Bennett, and Moment Factory. We set out to make an experience and I really felt proud to put that on every night. Cryptic additional comment: 2013. link343: Hi Trent. Thanks for the years of music. What’s the status on The Fragile reissue? I know you talked about how Alan was doing a 5.1 remix a few years ago during a New York Times interview during the promotion for ‘The Social Network.’ The 5.1 mixes are done and sound amazing. Alan was the only person who could have possibly done it, and he did not disappoint. There are a couple other elements involved that we want to get right before we put this into production. These involve packaging and additional content. Patience, my friends. dim85: What was the first computer and software you used for music? I had a Commodore 64 with, I think, the Sequential Circuits Model 64 Sequencer Cartridge. And it was the greatest thing in the world (or so I thought at the time). Moving on… The first “real” platform I used for composition was a Mac+ running Performer. Pretty Hate Machine was done with this. Couto: Someone really has to ask this, so there it goes… Can you disclosure [sic] any future plans for Nine Inch Nails? Sure I could. Check out more of Trent Reznor’s Q&A session on Reddit . [button href=”” title=”Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels Stream ‘An Omen’ EP” align=”center”]

Chris Cornell’s Message for Billy Corgan: ‘Tell Him He Owes Me My $40,000 Back’

Jim Dyson/Matt Roberts, Getty Images Smashing Pumpkins visionary Billy Corgan does not have much of a filter when it comes to speaking his mind. The most recent example of this was his personal commentary on the Soundgarden reunion and the impetus behind it, saying, “They’re just out there to have one more round at the till; same with Pavement and these other bands.” When asked about the incendiary comments on the Area 93.3 radio channel back in August, Corgan went into detail explaining that there was more to the story than he had at first let on. He admitted that it was more of a reactionary comment based on “harsh words” delivered by his one-time close friend and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell regarding the 2007 reunion of Smashing Pumpkins. Cornell had gone on record to say that he didn’t find the reunion to be “legitimate,” and Corgan took that very personally comparing it to “somebody punching me in the face.” So for those still following along, Corgan called out Soundgarden for cashing in on their recent reunion partly because Cornell had cast a shadow of a doubt on the Pumpkins reunion a few years ago. Now, in a new interview with ABC News Radio , Cornell had a chance to respond to the blow-for-blow exchange. Cornell summed it up succinctly saying Corgan should be thanking him, not bashing him. “When Billy Corgan was completely broke, I got him a movie deal with director Cameron Crowe where he made $40,000,” Cornell explains. “He was very happy about that, and he was specifically happy about the $40,000.” But that wasn’t all. Cornell offered this parting jab, “So next time you see him, tell him he owes me my $40,000 back.” While it’s probably not likely that Corgan will be writing a thank-you check to Cornell any time soon, we have a sneaking suspicion we have not heard the last of this story just yet. [button href=”” title=”Soundgarden Rock ‘Live on Letterman’ Gig at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater” align=”center”]

Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood Talks ‘Silverthorn,’ Band Chemistry + More

Facebook: Kamelot Kamelot have had a busy year with touring North America, especially after a massive trek with Nightwish. Not to mention they’ve released their tenth studio album ‘Silverthorn,’ the first to feature the band’s new vocalist Tommy Karevik and they are currently on tour all over Europe in promotion for the new disc. While they were in the States we got the chance to speak with Kamelot guitarist Thomas Youngblood who looked back on their tour with Nightwish and talked about the band’s chemistry with the Agonist frontwoman Alyssa White-Gluz. He also expressed his enthusiasm about the release of ‘Silverthorn’ and Kamelot’s future as a whole. How would you describe the experience of touring with Nightwish? It was great. I think the musical styles of both bands complement each other really well even though we’re different from each other. We’ve been talking about doing a tour with them for a few years now so it’s cool to finally see it happen. It’s been great. You were at the show in New York and they all have been pretty packed and the fans love the combination. Alyssa White-Gluz of the Agonist joined you on stage and she’s offers vocals on the new record. How would you describe your relationship with her musically. Yeah, she’s been on my radar for a few years, we had the Agonist as one of the supporting bands on our last U.S. tour and I kind of knew about her before but on the tour we had her come out for a couple of shows and do ‘March of Mephisto’ with us — from then on it was just really cool chemistry between her and the band. When it was time to do the new album we had a spot on there that normally we probably would’ve had a guy do but I thought it was a cool twist to have a female growler. She kicked ass with the part and we shot the video for ‘Sacrimony’ and she’s also in the video so it’s been fun. It’s cool to see her in action when she comes onstage because she’s got this dominating presence which I think is really cool. ‘Silverthorn’ is the tenth studio album. What does the name of the record mean to you personally? Well the fact that we were able to make this record so quickly, we got this perfect blend of beauty and pain. The title ‘Silverthorn’ itself is a sort of a contradiction — the literal meaning is something that’s in the story but for us we just look at it as this strange and beautiful creation that we were able to achieve. This new record is a concept album –- do you find that there are any particular challenges with a concept album that are different from creating a non-concept album? Definitely, you have to stick within the storylines –- for example lyrically if you want to write stars and it has nothing to do with the story, it’s more open and easier to do a non-concept album. With a concept record you have to stay with the story, it wasn’t a massive challenge in terms of inspiration; things just seemed to fall right into place from the very beginning. I don’t know if we will do another concept record or not but with this one everything went super smooth. We’re totally stoked about the record and we knew we had something special when we were about half way in the middle of this thing. The newest member, vocalist Tommy Karevik, was exceptional at the live show in New York. What does he bring to the band? I think when we knew we had to bring in a new person on vocals we wanted the opportunity to grow the band not just to maintain the band or survive. We wanted to look at this as an opportunity to make the band bigger — I think with Tommy we can do that. Not only is he an exceptional singer, he’s a great songwriter and he’s way ahead of what I thought he would be in terms of being a frontman. People who come out to shows will see that this guy is a force to be reckoned with. [Laughs] I can’t imagine a better choice, honestly. In the beginning when this whole thing started we were a little unsure of what the future might be but now we’re really excited about it. The members of the entire band — you have a couple of Europeans and Americans from different states. Do you find the international mix adds to the creativity of the band at all? It probably does somehow, everybody has different likes and tastes –- I think the most important thing is getting along, just having a similar sense of humor, having a similar sense of social skills like being polite but also having a good time. That whole kind of chemistry is the most important and that way when we go to create things we do it more as friends instead of just being colleagues or business partners -– I think that’s the key to the chemistry and the band’s future. [button href=”” title=”Next: Check Out Photos of Kamelot’s Stop in NYC” align=”center”]