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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Reveals Rehab Was Discussed Prior to Las Vegas Meltdown

Green Day ‘s Billie Joe Armstrong gave his  first interview since finishing rehab in the new Rolling Stone magazine on stands today, and in it he reveals that his troubles preceded his  blow-up in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio festival, which proved to be the final straw. Continue Reading

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Melts Down at iHeartRadio Festival

Spencer Kaufman, Loudwire For those wondering if Green Day had mellowed out in their older years, we present Billie Joe Armstrong ‘s f-bomb filled tirade at the Las Vegas-based iHeartRadio Music Festival. The group played a seven-song set, but the final track ‘Basket Case’ was cut short when Armstrong noticed a clock that was telling them how much time was left in their performance. Apparently, the group had their set cut short so that pop star Usher could have more time, and it didn’t sit well with the singer. In mid-lyric, Armstrong belted to the audience, “I wanna play a new song. F— this s—. Gimme a f—in’ break, one minute left. One minute f—in’ left. You’re gonna give me one minute?! Look at that f—in’ sign right there, one minute! Let me tell you something … I’ve been around since f—in’ 1988 and you’re gonna give me one f—in’ minute?! You’ve gotta be kidding me.” The singer added, “I’m not Justin f—in’ Bieber you mother—–ers! You’ve gotta be f—in’ joking. It’s a f—in’ joke. I’ve got one minute, one minute left, oh now I’ve got nothing left.” He then proceeded to show his anger at the loss of time by smashing his guitar furiously against the stage and flipping off the officials keeping time, before telling the crowd, “God f—ing love you all.” Before the ending, audiences were treated to six and a half quick songs, as Green Day played such favorites as ‘American Idiot,’ ‘Holiday,’ ‘Longview,’ and ‘St. Jimmy’ as well as the new songs ‘It’s F— Time’ and ‘Oh, Love’ before the shortened finale of ‘Basket Case.’ Watch Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Lash Out at the iHeartRadio Festival [button href=”” title=”Next: Green Day: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]