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Daily Reload: Randy Blythe, Black Sabbath + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire – Lamb of God ‘s Randy Blythe has returned home to the U.S. after visiting the Czech prison where he was detained. [ Loudwire ] – Black Sabbath are giving fans their first look inside the studio of their ’13′ album sessions with a video teaser. [ Loudwire ] – Guns N’ Roses , Alice in Chains + Korn have signed on to headline the 2013 Rocklahoma Festival. [ Loudwire ] – Maynard James Keenan provides an update on the progress of new Tool and A Perfect Circle records. [ Loudwire ] – Down will hit the road for a brief May trek through the Southeastern U.S. [ Loudwire ] – Get in a romantic mood by joining Ultimate Classic Rock in counting down the Top 10 Led Zeppelin Love Songs. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Roger Waters is adding a new song to ‘The Wall’ concert production. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Radiohead has booked time in September to begin work on their next studio album. [ ] – Kings of Leon , My Morning Jacket ‘s Jim James and The Shins are among the top acts performing at the 2013 Hangout Festival. [ ]

Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Recounts Entire Story Behind Paul McCartney Collaboration

Saturday Night Live With all the excitement that’s come from the surviving members of Nirvana writing and performing and recording an original song with Beatles icon Paul McCartney , there are a million questions about the musical collective’s future. Will the spontaneous collaboration lead to more material? Will there be a tour? How exactly do you persuade Sir Paul McCartney to come jam in your basement? To list off the mental ramblings of Nirvana and Beatles fans would fill an encyclopedia, but bassist Krist Novoselic has got some inside info to share via his official blog. Paul McCartney himself has told the tale of how he found himself in the middle of a “Nirvana reunion,” but Novoselic has now documented his side of the story as a casual musician who was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “The collaboration came out of the Sound CIty film that was produced and directed by Dave,” writes Novoselic. “He asked me if I wanted to play with him, Pat and Paul? I said YES! It was a wonderful day — Paul came in with this cigar box guitar and started playing some mean slide on it. He said it was in a “D”. Hearing that, Grunge instincts took over my left hand and I dropped the E on the bass to D. Pat and Dave got into it and the tune took shape. Paul flashed a riff and we picked it up. I busted another one out and everyone picked it up. Things started coming together.” Novoselic continues to recount the dream jam session, while offering his view on exactly what the track ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ represents for the future of the impromptu band. “It was so exciting to play with Paul,” gushes the Nirvana bassist. “I became seized with thoughts, for I hadn’t played like that with Pat or Dave since the last Nirvana show in 1994. Wow, it was emotionally and musically heavy! Some other things brought me back; there was a Lefty on guitar who was a heck of a songwriter. Anyway, words can’t really describe it and I returned to the task at hand. A new song was born! And that’s about it. That’s all it is — a new song by some players who have doing it for a while.” ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ has been performed live twice by the group, debuting the track at the ’12-12-12′ Hurricane Sandy benefit, with an encore on ‘Saturday Night Live’ soon after … not bad for a band without a name. According to Novoselic in a separate blog post , although the project has been called many names, the bassist’s personal favorite seems to be ‘Sirvana,’ which offers a nod to the Beatle legend’s status as Sir Paul McCartney Sirvana’s sole original song is now available to purchase via iTunes . Paul McCartney + Nirvana Members Perform at ’12-12-12′ Benefit

Ghost Unveil New Track ‘Secular Haze’ and Offer Free Download

Metal Blade Swedish ambient heavy metallers Ghost have just released their first offering from their upcoming sophomore album. This offering comes in the form of a new song titled ‘Secular Haze.’ Even better, Ghost are giving it away for free. If ‘Secular Haze’ is any indication of what the band’s highly anticipated 2013 album will provide our ears, we’ve got something great to look forward to next year. For those who are unaware of Ghost, the band consists of five nameless ghouls draped in pious robes and masks, while the collective’s singer dons the exterior of an evil Pope. Ghost’s vocalist, Papa Emeritus, is the only member given a name, although he now goes by Papa Emeritus II, perhaps to signify the proceedings of a second album. Ghost’s debut album, ‘Opus Eponymous,’ received an incredibly positive response from critics and metal / rock fans, mostly due to its originality, atmosphere and strong composition. Be sure to keep your ears tuned to Ghost throughout 2013, as they could certainly be one of the year’s most important breakout acts. To download ‘Secular Haze’ for free, head on over to Ghost’s official website and type in your email. Also, see below to check out ‘Secular Haze’ performed live to take in both the sonic and visual elements of that which is Ghost. Ghost, ‘Secular Haze’ (Live)

Bullet for My Valentine Unleash New Single ‘Temper Temper’

Mary Ouellette, Bullet for My Valentine  premiered a new song ‘Temper Temper’ yesterday (Oct. 22) on BBC Radio 1, and now have made the audio of the track available on YouTube (listen below). ‘Temper Temper’ is from Bullet for My Valentine’s upcoming fourth studio album. Produced by Don Gilmore ( Linkin Park , Pearl Jam ), the album is due in early 2013. The title and exact release date have not yet been revealed. Their previous effort ‘Fever’ (2010) cracked the Top 5 in countries all over the world, including the U.S. (No. 3), U.K. (No. 5) and Japan (No. 1). The song is certainly catchy, especially the sing-song chorus. ‘Temper Temper’ has plenty of melody and is destined for rock radio airplay. The initial reaction from fans, however, is mixed at best if you gauge the comments on the band’s Facebook and YouTube pages. Earlier this year, frontman Matt Tuck revealed they had been working on new music in Thailand. He says those that have heard their new music say it sounds like “a very confident, focused rock band.” In addition to his work with BFMV, Tuck has been busy with AxeWound . The band, which also includes Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cormier, drummer Jason Bowld of Pitchshifter, ex-Rise to Remain bassist Joe Coput and Glamour of the Kill guitarist Mike Kingswood, recently released their debut album ‘ Vultures .’ Bullet for My Valentine performed at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals, and are set to play Soundwave Festival in Australia in 2013. They also are expected to announce new UK tour dates soon. Listen to Bullet For My Valentine’s ‘Temper Temper’

Avenged Sevenfold Members Guest on Machine Gun Kelly Track

Mary Ouellette, Rap/metal collaborations have been common since  Anthrax and Public Enemy teamed up for ‘Bring the Noise.’ Now, Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows and guitarist Synyster Gates have lent their talents to a new song by hip-hop artist Machine Gun Kelly. ‘Save Me’ (listen below) is the opening song on Kelly’s debut album ‘Lace Up,’ which was released today.  He talked about the track recently on MTV’s RapFix Live. “I actually got one of the greatest metal bands to be featured on it, Avenged Sevenfold. It’s definitely an eargasm if you’re into cross genre.” In addition to A7X, ‘Lace Up’ has guest spots from hip-hop luminaries such as Lil Jon, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Jon, DMX, Young Jeezy, Twista, Tech N9ne, Dubo and Bun B. Speaking of Avenged Sevenfold collaborations, Shadows also shared vocals with Chris Jericho the song ‘Sandpaper’ off Fozzy’s recent album ‘Sin & Bones.’ He recently joined Fozzy   onstage in Los Angeles to perform to perform the song. As fans anxiously await a full album of new material, Avenged Sevenfold have released the single ‘ Carry On ,’ which is from the ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ video game that’s set for a Nov. 13 release. That song has entered the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame after defeating tunes by artists including  Five Finger Death Punch, Soundgarden and Marilyn Manson . Listen to Machine Gun Kelly feat. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates, ‘Save Me’ (Explicit Language)

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Melts Down at iHeartRadio Festival

Spencer Kaufman, Loudwire For those wondering if Green Day had mellowed out in their older years, we present Billie Joe Armstrong ‘s f-bomb filled tirade at the Las Vegas-based iHeartRadio Music Festival. The group played a seven-song set, but the final track ‘Basket Case’ was cut short when Armstrong noticed a clock that was telling them how much time was left in their performance. Apparently, the group had their set cut short so that pop star Usher could have more time, and it didn’t sit well with the singer. In mid-lyric, Armstrong belted to the audience, “I wanna play a new song. F— this s—. Gimme a f—in’ break, one minute left. One minute f—in’ left. You’re gonna give me one minute?! Look at that f—in’ sign right there, one minute! Let me tell you something … I’ve been around since f—in’ 1988 and you’re gonna give me one f—in’ minute?! You’ve gotta be kidding me.” The singer added, “I’m not Justin f—in’ Bieber you mother—–ers! You’ve gotta be f—in’ joking. It’s a f—in’ joke. I’ve got one minute, one minute left, oh now I’ve got nothing left.” He then proceeded to show his anger at the loss of time by smashing his guitar furiously against the stage and flipping off the officials keeping time, before telling the crowd, “God f—ing love you all.” Before the ending, audiences were treated to six and a half quick songs, as Green Day played such favorites as ‘American Idiot,’ ‘Holiday,’ ‘Longview,’ and ‘St. Jimmy’ as well as the new songs ‘It’s F— Time’ and ‘Oh, Love’ before the shortened finale of ‘Basket Case.’ Watch Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Lash Out at the iHeartRadio Festival [button href=”” title=”Next: Green Day: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

3 Doors Down Use Republican National Convention Platform to Debut New Song

As stages go, the one in Tampa was just as good as any other for 3 Doors Down to debut a new song. However, this stage came with the platform to showcase their track to millions of viewers worldwide as it was part of the Republican National Convention coverage that’s going on this week. The song in question is called ‘One Light’ and plenty of credential-wearing audience members were on

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