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Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Saved by Wonder Dog in Orange Amplifiers Short Film

YouTube Mastodon  singer-bassist  Troy Sanders is sitting backstage riffing on a guitar when he learns that all six of his amps have bitten the dust just shortly before he’s going onstage. Though the scenario is not that likely, it’s played to the full humorous hilt for the new short film / promo starring Sanders for Orange Amplifiers. In the short, Sanders gets to play a cockier version of himself, fully consumed with his own greatness and upset that he’s due to go onstage without the use of amplification. But a quick call and not-so-immediate response from the Orange Amps warehouse may solve the situation. The clerk puts his best man in charge, and by “man,” we mean the wonder dog Bear who traipses all across town to get to the show on time, but does actually get distracted by the city skyline, some vinyl record shopping and a quick bite to eat along the way. With the clock ticking, Sanders starts to worry about whether he’ll have to play without his amp, but just as he’s about to take the stage, Bear shows up with Orange’s Micro Terror hanging around his neck. A relieved Sanders takes the stage to the roaring applause of the crowd, plugs in to his newly-arrived amp and rocks the audience to their satisfaction. Watch Troy Sanders Starring in Orange Amplifiers Short Film [button href=”” title=”Next: Troy Sanders Forms Supergroup With Max Cavalera” align=”center”]

Lamb of God’s Chris Adler Talks Touring, Awaiting Randy Blythe’s Trial, Future Music + More

Mary Ouellette, Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Adler spoke all about Lamb of God’s current trek with In Flames, Hatebreed and Sylosis as well as awaiting the trial in Prague for frontman Randy Blythe . Adler also spoke of the brotherhood of Lamb of God and the band’s future music. Read the full interview with Chris Adler below: I had the chance to see you guys at the start of this tour, happy to have you guys back and finally doing a tour for ‘Resolution.’ Yeah it feels good, we did a pre-release week of small shows in January and then the plan was to do the longer summer tour but things got derailed a little bit but we’re very happy to get on the road here and work the new record. Has the chain of events from the last few months created a frustration that’s resulting now in greater aggression onstage? I think we’ve come to a point where we’ve realized how fragile, what we do is. Not that we were taking any of it for granted before but it does become a bit routine after 16, 17 years of playing these shows. To have something like this happen you get shocked by it and it definitely was a wakeup call to us all – especially for this tour because with the situation not resolved and Randy [Blythe] having to go back to trial sometime next year, they said somewhere between January and April so we can’t make any plans after this tour. Right now we’re looking at every night as the first and last so it’s really exciting and putting a lot more positive energy into the show. Before you get on tour and you start to turn gray and drink too much and everybody is sleeping all day and now everybody’s up and laughing and we’re having a good time and getting along. The shows have been really good and very energetic. In what ways has the situation in Prague change your appreciation for each other as band mates and also individuals? Yeah I think we’ve all come through some periods with the band that not a lot of bands are able to get through. Obviously we start as friends and things go awry and end up in fist fights and people leave and somehow we made it through that – knowing that together we are much greater than the individual parts. It’s taken a long time but I think we’ve come to the conclusion that we do have a lot of respect for each other and what we’re able to do together. Having this situation go down and having to lose a family member – to us the band is family so to have this happen was just shocking. We’ve all come together as much as we can to support Randy and try to do the right thing. It’s a complicated situation but we’re certainly hoping for the best. Randy has stated that he’ll return to the Czech Republic to stand trial, if necessary. Should that happen what’s the Lamb of God contingency plan for the down time while he’s in Prague? Right now we’re being told that the trial will be between January and April so we can’t really make any plans, we can’t tour. What we may do is begin some sort of preliminary writing process and hopefully the result that we’re hoping for this trial, we’re able to get back out on the road. I think the plan is assuming all is going to go well – which may not be the case but we certainly hope it is – we’re going to do two more world tours on ‘Resolution’ so the idea would really be to go into about the middle of 2014 on this record and then begin writing. If we can get a head start on that – that would be great. All summer long, we spent at home and I was lucky to spend the time with my daughter and wife but I know that Willie [Adler] and Mark [Morton] have already spent some time writing some new material and Randy while he was doing nothing but time, writing some stuff. I think we’ve got the element there to begin this creative process I’m just not sure how quickly we’ll be able to get to it. Do you think there’s going to be any kind of a different direction of the music being as what has happened or in terms of anything that you’ve heard or lyrics of anything that you’ve seen? As you mentioned earlier there certainly is a continuing sense of frustration about this scenario and what happened and obviously the important part of this is that somebody lost their life and we’re not going to glance over that we have to try and do the right thing – so in that there are certainly a lot of deep thoughts on what we do and how we do it and what it is we’re doing with this music. I think what it has in what I’ve heard from the guys and what Randy has explained to me in his time there – I think it is going to be a bit darker. I think it is going to go in some directions that maybe a band like us, at this point – maybe we just kind of lighten up and in the distance rest on our laurels kind of thing but I think this particular circumstance is going to push us even further in a dark direction. Full Metal Jackie will welcome Robb Flynn of Machine Head to her program this coming weekend. She can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to .

Frances Bean Cobain Apparently Claims Home Intruder Was Trying to Kill Her Fiance

Twitter: alka_seltzer666 Frances Bean Cobain has apparently created a new Twitter account to reveal what she says is the true story behind the motivations of the man recently  arrested for breaking into her home . While not completely confirmed, the new Twitter account, alka_seltzer666 , seems to be authentic as it does contain two new Instagram pictures of Frances Bean looking very much like a cross between her father, late  Nirvana  frontman  Kurt Cobain , and her mother, Courtney Love. Tweeting that “the police aren’t doing their jobs and have released inaccurate information” regarding the case, Frances Bean went on to explain “this situation is far more serious than a ‘transient’ wandering into my home & eating my food.,” as had been reported , but an obsessed, homicidal fan of her late father. “We later found out that he considers my fiancé a ‘problem’ and planed [sic] to kill him,” continued  Frances Bean. “The intruder wrote my fiancé’s first & last name out in his journal with the words ‘Kill’ circled and pointing to his name.” It’s the type of incident that would make a lot of people want to just curl up in a little ball for awhile, but Cobain isn’t about to let the situation resolve itself quietly — as she put it , “I figure releasing this information directly to the public will garner media attention & hopefully will mean that this b—— f—– won’t have the opportunity to be released from jail & can’t hurt those i love because of his obsession with someone i’m related to.” All of the above quoted material assumes that Frances Bean is the rightful owner of the specified Twitter account. Again, this is not confirmed. The suspect, 22-year-old Mark James Franco, pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree burglary. He was reported to have been doing laundry and helping himself to food when a Frances Bean relative discovered him in the Los Angeles home. [button href=”” title=”More on the Frances Bean Cobain Burglary Case Here” align=”center”] Twitter: alka-seltzer666

Intruder in Frances Bean Cobain Home Invasion Charged With First Degree Burglary

Hedi Slimane Over the weekend, we reported that a man was arrested for breaking into Frances Bean Cobain ’s home in Los Angeles. Now, not only has that man has been formally charged, some strange details have emerged surrounding the case. According to TMZ , the intruder who broke into Cobain’s home on Oct. 13 was 22-year-old Mark James Franco. Police report that Franco is a homeless man who was found brazenly doing his laundry when he was discovered at the home. The daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love wasn’t home at the time of the crime. The uninvited guest was discovered by a relative taking care of Cobain’s dog while she was out of town. The intruder claimed to have known the home owner, but when Frances Bean was contacted, she told authorities she had no idea who he was. Franco was charged with first degree burglary, a crime that could land him a six year prison stay if convicted. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. The famously quiet Cobain has not yet publicly commented on the situation. [button href=”” title=”Courtney Love Loses Kurt Cobain Image Rights to Daughter Frances Bean” align=”center”]

Jack Osbourne Reveals Detailed Account of Aiding a Drowning Woman in Hawaii

? Ethan Miller, Getty Images Jack Osbourne ’s honeymoon in Hawaii recently turned into a rescue mission when he and his friend were called upon to help a woman who was drowning. Osbourne recently opened up about the incident on his Facebook page, filling in all the details. “On Oct. 8, I was approached by a family member telling me he had just seen a woman being pulled out of the water who’d drowned. I grabbed my friend Tyler who was a former Army operator and went to see if we could be of assistance,” Jack starts off. “In case you are not aware, I was a police reserve for 5 years and have had a lot of training in CPR and as a first responder. I am not an EMT or paramedic, but I have assisted in resuscitating individuals in the past.” That training would come in handy as Osbourne and his friend descended on the woman needing help. “When Tyler and I arrived on the scene, the woman was not conscious and had approximately five people assisting in an attempt to resuscitate her,” Osbourne explained. “A neurosurgeon from Japan had taken charge in trying to manage the chaos though she did not speak much English. The woman had a J-tube in her airway, and the defibrillator had already been used. Two women were assisting in chest compressions, and another was operating the Ambu bag.” From there the woman was transported from the beach on a spine board on a cart and Osbourne, his friend, and another good Samaritan rode with her to the front of the hotel and continued administering CPR along the way. The EMTs arrived minutes later and Osbourne delivered the woman into their capable hands. In response to what Osbourne referred to as some “oddly hostile and rather rude” comments made about him regarding the situation, Osbourne made it clear that he wasn’t claiming to be a hero of any kind, just helping someone in need. “As soon as the EMT’s arrived, I backed away and let them take over,” Osbourne recounts. “I never said I was the sole contributor in the rescue. In fact, I haven’t said anything at all. The last thing I want to do is take all of the credit when in fact there were a few people who helped save her life.” The good news is, the woman seems to be on the mend. “From what I’ve heard, she’s doing better and is now awake. I hope she has a speedy recovery,” Osbourne concluded. Osbourne’s full statement regarding the situation can be read on his Facebook page here . [button href=”Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack Osbourne Marries Lisa Stelly in Hawaii” title=”Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack Osbourne Marries Lisa Stelly in Hawaii” align=”center”]

Geoff Tate Reveals His New Queensryche Lineup

The battle for Queensryche rages on. After being booted from the band earlier this year and then engaging in legal battles with the former members over the rights to the name, former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate has posted the lineup for his version of the band. This situation is turning into a soap opera. Tate is planning to embark on an anniversary tour, backed by an all-star cast of musicians.

Daily Reload: Randy Blythe, System of a Down + More

Today on Daily Reload, we catch up with the latest on the Randy Blythe situation. The Lamb of God singer, now home from nearly a month in jail in the Czech Republic, offers his first public statement on the incident and his plans to clear his name. Meanwhile, System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan is of the mindset of a lot of the band’s fans in that while it’s