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Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen

In a time when the world remains under the omnipresent threat of a new Nickelback album, news of Irish-Celtic folk-laden black metal masters Primordial releasing their eighth full-length come to comfort the weary misanthropic modern metalhead. Despite having been around for more than twenty years, the wise men in Primordial have never really chosen to be in the limelight, instead opting for a rewarding career where fans with three digit IQs can digest their music and appreciate its subtleties over multiple listens. On this new record, entitled Where Greater Men Have Fallen , the layering of sound is as meticulous as ever with nary a catchy segment in sight; which is a good thing. Primordial’s modus operandi is based on the construction of an immense wall of sound rife with subtle nuances only available to the discerning ear. The guitars complement each other with various drawn-out chord arrangements while the drums and bass do most of the muscle work in the background. In the infrequent instances where they opt to add some lead guitar work, it’s never in the flashy sense of a guitar solo; instead it’s a more measured line where one guitar shines without eclipsing the rest of the band. Frontman Alan Averill (aka Nemtheanga) on the other hand uses this wall of sound as a platform for his ever so theatrical vocal delivery. Song lengths are usually upwards of six minutes which allows the band to take its time with build-ups and allows Alan to dramatically orate his haunting stories. The album kicks off with the patiently plodding title-track as Alan revisits the themes of nations oppressed and abused under hollow promises. The powerful start is not capitalized upon though in spite of some noteworthy lead guitar work because ‘Babel’s Tower’ and ‘Come the Flood’ drag on just a little, but ‘The Seed of Tyrants’ comes as a swift return to form. Alan screams ‘TRAITOR!’ and then a furious blast explodes for almost three minutes, compounding a feeling of unease. The guitars shriek and wail in despair while the drums thunder forward and then suddenly…it’s all over. Alan steals the show again on ‘Born to Night’ where he sounds like an inspiring leader for the downcast and the downtrodden; the one people should have listened to before everything went awry. This is also the case on ‘Wield Lightning to Split the Sun’ as the anguish in his voice couples wonderfully with the choice of chords to create a bleak and dreary image that is simply sublime. Where Greater Men Have Fallen is another fine example of what Primordial is capable of as a band yet it honestly fails to re-create the glory of their 2007 effort To the Nameless Dead . The album starts and ends on a very high note but these peaks are not maintained throughout the album’s fifty-eight minute span. A couple of slow pieces do in fact weigh the album down but there’s still a lot to feast upon for the die-hard fans. There are lots of emotional and evocative moments on this record and they are done with class but it’s the album’s compositional inconsistencies that keep it from shining brightly on the current scene. ? Primordial’s Where Greater Men Have Fallen gets… 3.5/5 -AHEN

Top 20 Songs: Week of January 6-12, 2013

Ethan Miller / Theo Wargo, Getty Images The Loudwire Top 20 Countdown is back this week with a familiar face at No. 1. Shinedown ‘s hit song ‘Enemies’ is spending its third straight week on top and fourth week overall. With ‘Enemies’ still at No. 1, Avenged Sevenfold remain in a holding pattern at No. 2 with their quickly rising single, ‘Carry On.’ Meanwhile, Soundgarden ‘s slide out of the top five (they fall to No. 6 with ‘Been Away Too’) proved beneficial for three songs that all moved up a notch. All That Remains currently hold down the No. 3 position with ‘Stand Up,’ Volbeat scoot back up to No. 4 with ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ and Chevelle ‘s ‘Same Old Trip’ reaches its highest position yet at No. 5. Even though Soundgarden fell three notches, they weren’t the biggest dropper. That distinction goes to former Top 5 single ‘Standing in the Sun’ from Slash . It falls from No. 7 to No. 11 this week. The biggest risers belong to 3 Doors Down ‘s ‘One Light,’ Adelitas Way ‘s ‘Alive,’ Young Guns ‘ ‘Bones’ and Alice in Chains ‘ ‘Hollow,’ all of which jumped up two spots this week. 3 Doors Down, Adelitas Way and Young Guns now hold down the No. 8-10 spots on the countdown, while Alice in Chains’ ‘Hollow’ leaps up from 18 to 16. This week’s chart also features the arrival of Hinder ‘s ‘Save Me,’ which lands at No. 18. Check out the Top 20 songs below and be sure to tune in to Loudwire Radio this weekend to rock out to your favorite songs. Find out which stations air the countdown by clicking the red button below. Loudwire Radio Top 20 Songs of the Week: 20. Three Days Grace, ‘Chalk Outline’ 19. Trapt, ‘Bring It’ 18. Hinder, ‘Save Me’ 17. Nonpoint, ‘Left for You’ 16. Alice in Chains, ‘Hollow’ 15. Stone Sour, ‘Absolute Zero’ 14. Papa Roach, ‘Where Did the Angels Go’ 13. P.O.D., ‘Higher’ 12. Five Finger Death Punch, ‘The Pride’ 11. Slash, ‘Standing in the Sun’ 10. Young Guns, ‘Bones’ 9. Adelitas Way, ‘Alive’ 8. 3 Doors Down, ‘One Light’ 7. Deftones, ‘Tempest’ 6. Soundgarden, ‘Been Away Too Long’ 5. Chevelle, ‘Same Old Trip’ 4. Volbeat, ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ 3. All That Remains, ‘Stand Up’ 2. Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Carry On’ 1. Shinedown, ‘Enemies’ [button href=”” title=”See Which Stations Air Loudwire Radio” align=”center”]

3 Doors Down: The Story Behind the ‘Loser’ Video – Exclusive Premiere

Mary Ouellette, As part of the continued ramp up to 3 Doors Down ‘s ‘ Greatest Hits ‘ album, original band members Brad Arnold, Chris Henderson and Todd Harrell are reflecting on the songs and videos that paved the way for their success. The group is once again teaming with Loudwire to showcase the video vignette reflecting on the clip for one of their earliest hit singles, ‘Loser.’ In the piece, guitarist Chris Henderson takes the lead, talking about what it was like to be a new band and having to shoot music videos for the first time. He explains that ‘Loser’ was the first time that he was actually given a solo shot in a music video and the nerves that went into that shoot. Henderson gives his account of things in the vignette below. ‘Loser’ was the second single from the band’s 2000 debut disc, ‘The Better Life,’ and after the huge success of ‘Kryptonite,’ it showed that the band was not going to be a one-hit wonder. Years later, there’s a lot of 3 Doors Down hits, including ‘ Duck and Run ,’ ‘Be Like That,’ ‘ When I’m Gone ,’ ‘Here Without You,’ and ‘It’s Not My Time’ among others. All of those tracks are featured on the forthcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ collection, due Nov. 19. 3 Doors Down will support the upcoming release with a late 2012 co-headlining trek with Daughtry . The tour gets under way with the band’s annual ‘The Better Life’ Foundation concert Nov. 17 in Tunica, Miss., and concludes Dec. 15 in Anaheim, Calif. Watch 3 Doors Down’s ‘The Story Behind the ‘Loser’ Video’ Vignette [button href=”” title=”Next: 3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold Shares Inspiration for ‘One Light’ Single” align=”center”]

3 Doors Down: The Story Behind the ‘When I’m Gone’ Video – Exclusive Premiere

Mary Ouellette, 3 Doors Down are ramping up to the Nov. 19 release of their upcoming ‘ Greatest Hits ‘ collection, and they’ve taken the time to reflect on the songs and videos that got them where they are today with a series of video vignettes. Loudwire is proud to bring you the vignette explaining the story behind the videos for the hit single, ‘When I’m Gone.’ In the vignette, seen below, singer Brad Arnold shares how there were actually two clips for ‘When I’m Gone.’ Most fans are familiar with the one shot during their touring, where they played for military audiences, but the vocalist goes more in depth about a gothic style promo they shot in the South with a darker tone to it. The video ended up being a rather demanding shoot for the band. ‘When I’m Gone’ is just one of the hit singles on the ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation. Other standouts like ‘Kryptonite,’ ‘Duck and Run,’ ‘Here Without You,’ and ‘It’s Not My Time,’ turn up, as do three new songs — ‘One Light,’ ‘There’s a Life,’ and ‘Goodbyes.’ Republic Records will release the disc Nov. 19, and pre-orders are currently being taken here . The band will celebrate two days earlier (Nov. 17) with the ninth annual ‘ The Better Life ‘ foundation concert at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Watch 3 Doors Down’s ‘Story Behind the ‘When I’m Gone’ Video’ Vignette [button href=”” title=”Next: 3 Doors Down Offer Free Download of ‘One Light’ Single” align=”center”]

P.O.D. Lyrical Controversy Leads California Festival to Switch Venues

Razor & Tie P.O.D. was scheduled to perform in Ventura, Calif. Sunday (Oct. 28), but canceled the gig  after some controversy erupted with the venue. Originally scheduled for the Ventura County Fairgrounds, the Monster Jam Fest was moved to a smaller venue after fairground officials objected to the lyrical content of the P.O.D. song, ‘Youth of the Nation.’ According to the Ventura County Star , a fairgrounds official emailed the promoter Ezio Van Horst saying they did not want P.O.D. to play ‘Youth of the Nation’ because some of the song’s lyrics were “too touchy and controversial.” The lyrics refer to a school shooting, and the paper says the email described the song as “too violent to be played at a family event.” Except for a tweet announcing the cancellation and a link to the Ventura County Star article, the band has not commented on the issue. The scaled down show apparently took place without P.O.D.’s participation. P.O.D. will be getting back on the road in November, opening for 3 Doors Down and Daughtry . They will take a few days off from that tour to set sail on the 2012 ShipRocked Cruise Nov. 27 – Dec. 3, then return to land to wrap up the last couple of weeks of the 3 Doors Down/Daughtry tour. Their latest single ‘Higher,’ from the ‘Murdered Love’ album, recently entered Loudwire’s Cage Match Hall of Fame . Watch P.O.D.’s ‘Youth of the Nation’ Video [button href=”” title=”Next: P.O.D.’s Sonny Sandoval Talks Shiprocked 2012″ align=”center”]

3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold Shares Inspiration Behind New Song ‘One Light’

Mary Ouellette, 3 Doors Down are gearing up to release their ‘The Greatest Hits’ collection on Nov. 19. The ‘Best Of’ compilation features nine of their number one hits throughout their massively successful career. In addition to the hits, the band crafted three new bonus tracks for fans to feast on, including ‘One Light,’ one of their most inspirational songs to date. The track made its debut at the Republican National Convention when the band performed it live. With lyrics like: “ So come with me / Let’s take this world and make a change / And we’ll give this more than we can take away ,” the tune seems to lends itself perfectly to the upcoming election, but frontman Brad Arnold said the song is much bigger than that. First and foremost Arnold said that the song, at its core, is not politically motivated. He explained, “I’ve never been political at all and I never will be, but the song really does apply, and it applies to either side.” The message the song delivers is a lot larger than any one political party though. “It’s a message to people, essentially young people, a call to come with me, and take our world and make a change,” Arnold said. “It does relate to the election, but it’s so much more than that because the song is really about giving back to the world more than you take from it.” Arnold and 3 Doors Down hope the song will help spread their inspirational message. “If everybody had that attitude, we’d live in a perfect world,” states Arnold. “I really hope that that song does inspire somebody to take their school and make a change for the better, to just find a problem and be that one light to shine for other people.” Tune in next week for our full interview with 3 Doors Down frontman Brad Arnold. [button href=”” title=” 3 Doors Down Offer Free Download of New Single ‘One Light’” align=”center”]

3 Doors Down Offer Free Download of New Single ‘One Light’

Republic Records After recently announcing they will be releasing a greatest hits album on Nov. 19,  3 Doors Down have made the single ‘One Light’ available for free download. It’s one of three new songs in the collection. In addition to the new material, ‘The Greatest Hits’ includes remixed and remastered versions of 3 Doors Down’s smash hits like ‘Kryptonite,’ ‘Here Without You,’ ‘Be Like That’ and many more. 3 Doors Down will stage the 9th annual The Better Life Foundation concert on Nov. 17 at Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. The foundation’s motto is ‘Changing the World, One Life at a Time,’ and their mission is to make a positive change in the lives of children in need of food, shelter and medical assistance, and to enhance the lives of children and young adults with special needs. Earlier that day the band will participate in the annual Ride For A Cause . The Better Life Foundation concert is also the kickoff of 3 Doors Down’s co-headlining tour with Daughtry . P.O.D . will be opening on all the tour dates except for Nov. 27 – Dec. 3, when they’ll set sail on the 2012 ShipRocked Cruise . [button href=”” title=”Download 3 Doors Down’s ‘One Light’ Here” align=”center”] Watch 3 Doors Down’s ‘One Light’ Lyric Video

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